Windows 10 where is the control panel

The control panel is a collection of tools for managing the parameters of the operating system, ordered in a user-friendly form. Many instructions indicate that you need to open it to take any action or change the settings of the components. Many users are interested in where the control panel is in Windows 10. This is especially true for those people who have moved from the Seven. After all, in it the corresponding menu was called on the menu “Start”. In the latest version of the OS, its location has changed.

Opening Options

Consider some simple methods for opening a global settings menu. They are located in descending order of convenience for an ordinary user. But everyone can find the most comfortable option for themselves.

Method 1: Search Function

The search allows you to open any element of the system only by its name. And you do not need to know the location of the file and service. Windows 10 initially has a magnifying glass icon on the taskbar (next to the menu “Start”).Search ToolbarYou can also use the Win + Q key combination to call it. Enter the request in the text box “panel”.Start control panelThe first element in the search engine will be the desired item. Just click on it. In the same way, you can run other programs. More about the possibilities Control panels read in our article.

Method 2: Screen mount

You can place an icon for calling the Control Panel in the program area from the bottom of the screen. To do this, follow the instructions from the previous paragraph, and at the very end click PCM on the desired element. In the context menu, select “Close on the panel …”. Now the quick call icon will be placed next to the menu “Start”.Consolidation Control Panel

Method 3: Quick Call

In fact, this is a small extension of the previous method. When an item is added to the bottom area of the screen, click on it PCM and open the properties. Highlight the quick call graph. Now it remains only to press the button on the keyboard and the combination will be determined.Quick Call Control PanelThe first two keys are set by the system – Ctrl + Alt, and the third is set by the user. However, you can select any of the Num block (on the right of the keyboard). In this case, she will be alone.

Method 4: Explorer

There is also an option where in Wing 10 the control panel can be opened. This time, actions will be performed through the conductor (Folder Viewer). Open any directory, go from it to the initial section “This computer”. Hover over a free section of the window, press PCM and click on the properties item. A window of information about the system and computer configuration will appear. In the left block there will be a call point for the required element.Control Panel in System Information

Method 5: Dialog box “Follow”

Dialog box “Follow out” designed to run various applications and system tools. You can open it with the simultaneous click of Win + R. Another utility can be found on the tab “Office – Windows in the list of all programs Start.Run to Start menuEnter in the text box control and press Enter. Then the desired element will start. Alternative request – explorerer shell: ControlPanelFolder. These commands will work including for the command line.

Method 6: Hotkeys

This option, how to open the Control Panel in Wing 10, can be called the most convenient. It is placed at the very end to become only because it stops working in the OS version 1703 and older. For early versions of the system, everything is valid. Press the Win + X buttons at a time, the context menu will appear. An alternative method of calling it is PCM by icon “Start”. In the list of functions, click on “Control Panel”.

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