Windows 10 how to see Wi-Fi password

In most cases WiFi the connection is password protected. To connect to the network, you need to know a secret combination. What to do if the user forgot it? There are several simple ways to find out a password WiFi Windows 10. Consider some of them.

Wireless Method

This method is relevant for a situation where a computer or laptop is connected to WiFi, but password clarification from it is required. If there is no connection to the Internet, it will not work. Another requirement is the availability of administrative rights for the current user. But in most cases they are.

Therefore, first of all, you need to connect to the file. In the tray you need to click PCM on an icon similar to a monitor. Make sure that it is possible to point a mouse at her. A hint related to the Internet connection should come up.Opening a network control center in Windows 10

In the context menu, click on the inscription “Network Management Center. The network connection window opens, there you need the subsection “Change of adapter parameters”. This will call the window of network adapters connected to the computer. Among all, you need to find the current wireless connection and double-click on it with the left mouse button.Network Management Center in Windows 10

The connection status window opens, there go to the wireless network properties. In the “Security” section, the password character display item will be present. When you activate it, a secret combination will be displayed in the same window to connect to the current network WiFi.View Wi Fi Password in Windows 10

Method through the command line

The previous option is suitable for the situation when the computer is already connected to the Wi-Fi. But there is an alternative. Its essence is that Windows 10 the system remembers all the passwords of the networks to which it has ever connected (if they are not intentionally deleted). This method will also require administrator rights.

First you need to start the command line. It is located in the “Start” menu, the “Office” tab. Click on the corresponding PCM item and in the “Advanced” section, select the start with administrative rights.

Then copy the text netsh wlan show profiles in the input field and confirm the input. The dialog box displays the names of all the Wi-Fi networks to which the computer has ever connected. From the entire list, write down the name for which you want to find out the combination.All Wi Fi networks to which the computer is connected

Send the following request to the terminal: netsh wlan show profile name = "Knowledge name from the previous paragraph" key = clear. The initial text is entered without quotation marks. If the network name includes more than one word, then it must be enclosed in quotation marks.

The result of these actions will be the display of information about the specified WiFi connections. You can find out the password from the network in the “Key Content” section.View wi fi password through the command line

Method through router settings

Both previous methods are suitable only if the user has administrative rights. Let’s figure out how to see the password from Wi-Fi Windows 10 if they are missing.

The essence of this method is that the secret combination from the network is stored in the router settings. You can enter them, not only if the computer is already connected to the wifi. You can connect the wire from WiFi to PC and also open them.

The first step is to adjust the wireless or wire connection. When the computer is connected to the router, you can go to its configuration. To do this, open any browser and go to the page “” if nothing has appeared – try replacing 0 with 1 in the address. The authorization window opens, specify the data from the administrator profile (they are usually indicated on the router itself). It remains only to find the network settings menu, and the password will be indicated there.View password in router properties

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