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The article is devoted to a detailed review of the Windows 10 autocomplation function. It will be mentioned how to configure it, enter, disable or delete the program, as well as other nuances that will optimize the system.

To begin with, we’ll figure out what a self-loading is. This is a built-in service Windows 10, which launches certain programs when you turn on a computer. The list of applications is available for editing by the user. This is convenient because you can configure the system at your discretion.

Configuring through Task Manager

Task Manager is a built-in service responsible for monitoring computer processes and resources. You can run it through a combination of buttons CtrlShift and Esc or click on the free space in the PCM software panel and select the appropriate item.


Most likely, the service will open in a reduced version. You can understand this by the presence of the “Details” button at the bottom of the window. If this is present, click on it, it is also advisable to enable full-screen display. Otherwise, skip this step.

car loading in Windows 10

Go to the “Download” section. All system elements that will be launched when authorization is displayed on the current user will be displayed there. The right-clicking on the object will open the context menu of interaction. There you can activate and deactivate its launch, go to the folder where the executable file is located, and also find information about the application on the Web.

atomization menu in win 10 how to disable

The “Impact to Launch” column clearly shows how much the selected object loads the OS during startup. But here it is worth understanding that the “High” state does not always mean that this application will slow down the operation of the PC.

Auto start folder location

Often users are interested in where the Windows 10 autorun is located, a folder for it? You can find it on the following path:

“System Disk” Users “Account Name” AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsMain MenuProgram Auto Download

where is the autorun in windows 10

But this catalog is hidden. Therefore, there is an alternative way to open it. Press PCM on the “Start” icon, run the “Follow” program, enter the request shell:startup. Immediately open the folder in Windows 10, where the autorun is.


Now let’s figure out how to add the program to Windows 10. It is enough to simply shorten its executable file in this directory. But this method in some cases does not work. Then you need to edit the registry. Read more about this in the next section.

Windows 10 autocomplice folder

Registry Editing

Again, you need to run the Run program. But this time copy the command to the text field regedit. Follow by this the way: HKEY_CURRENT_USER – SOFTWARE – Microsoft – Windows – CurrentVersion – Run.

In the right block of the program there will be a list of components that start with the start of the computer when the current user logs in. And here the best way is to add the program to Windows 10. To do this, in the free right part of the screen, click PCM, “Create – String parameter. As a name, enter the name of the program (this is unprincipled, just for ease of designation), and then specify the location of the executable file in the value box.

In the same folder, but the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE category, there are all components for automatic download for any PC user. There is a function for quick transition to this section. To do this, click PCM on the current folder and select the last item from the context menu. There you can edit the list in exactly the same way.

Task Scheduler

The task scheduler is still involved in the startup system. Open it the easiest way through a search (launching on Win + Q). In the line, start writing the name of the service, the desired item will be displayed, run it.


Particular attention should be paid to the utility library section. Various system components are listed there, as well as the conditions for their launch, for example, logging in. The library will be able not only to edit at its discretion, but also to supplement with new tasks.

Third-party programs for configuring automatic program launches

On the Internet you can find a large number of paid and free utilities designed to configure in Windows 10 autosun. Among them all, the program stands out Autoruns. One of its main strengths is that it is developed by the department Mucrosoft Sysinternals.

Windows 10 autorun

Download Autoruns can be found at


This utility is portable, it does not need to be installed. It is universal, works with all editions of the “ten. Launch the software, display the complete list of objects included in the startup.

Key Opportunities Autoruns:

  • Viral check of the object on VirusTotal;
  • Search for information about the object on the Web;
  • Exclusion of a component from a startup;
  • Go to the folder where the executable file is located (Jump to image);
  • Go to the folder where all the files for autorun are located (Jump to Entry).

Microsoft software may seem incomprehensible, but in reality it is a very powerful tool for managing the process of automatic launch of components Windows.

cleaner for atomization on wines 10

There is another program with similar capabilities. It’s about CCleaner, one of the most popular utilities for the integrated cleaning of the computer. With it, you can also configure the mode of launching applications when loading the system.


On, download the free version of the program and install it (standard procedure).

Open the “Service” tab, in it find the “Auto Download” category. Actually, her name speaks for itself. Among the disadvantages CCleaner you can highlight that you cannot add an application to the download list. The software will do a great job with other actions.

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