Windows 10 not updating

Microsoft periodically publishes various improvements to Windows 10 in the form of small or large updates. Initially, the system is configured to automatically download them. In this mode, the latest additions to the OS will be installed when the computer is turned on or restarted. Unfortunately, no software can work completely without failures. This also applies to operating systems. Windows 10 updates are sometimes not set due to any failure.

Update Issues

To eliminate malfunctions associated with “tens” updates, you should run a special tool built into the system. Most likely, it will solve the existing problem. Otherwise, a good solution would be to fully reinstall Windows 10.Note: Often, update problems are caused by network instability or lack of memory on the system drive. Therefore, do not forget to make sure that these points are all right.

1 Method: System Tool

First of all, it is recommended to start a computer diagnostic tool tied to a update center. Usually it is enough to deal with a situation in which Windows 10 does not download updates. Open “Control Panel”. From there, run the item “Settlement of problems”.Elimination of malfunctions in the Control PanelIt can also be called through a search function tied to a menu “Start”.In the window that opens, run the Windows Center’s troubleshooting tool.Correction of the Update Center in ParametersThen click on the item “Try to execute …”.Running with administrator rights elimination utilityThen click on the item “Try to execute …”.This will start the process of detecting possible problems. While he is walking, it is advisable not to touch the computer.Attention: the search procedure can last up to ten minutes.Then there will be reports of possible failures. The system will try to automatically eliminate them. Just click “Apply this correction” for every mistake.

Method 2: Reinstalling Windows 10

If the above instructions did not lead to anything, then the “tens” problem is more serious. In this case, it makes sense to perform a clean installation of the system. The image for the boot disk can be downloaded from the official website, and installation of user assemblies is also acceptable. The nuances of this process are set forth in the Windows 10 Re-installation article on our

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