Windows 10 does not see DVD drive

Optical discs eventually get out of use. But they are published on original editions of new film distribution in high quality. Also, DVDs are often needed to reinstall the operating system. But there may be other reasons why you will need optical media (data storage and much more).

Possible problems

When updating the “ten” or during its use, the optical drive may cease to function. As a result, it will not be possible to play DVDs or CDs on a computer. Which is a specific problem for the user.Disco driver in ExplorerPossible reasons why Windows 10 does not see the DVD drive can be noted 3: breakdown of the device, damage to drivers or their conflict with other components of the system. In the first case, it will be required to replace it. In other situations, the problem can be solved in software ways.

Methods of correction

To solve this problem, there is a 2 universal method: using the DVD Drive Repair utility, as well as through the command line. But first you just need to restart the PC. Oddly enough, this action often eliminates any computer problems.

Method 1: Third Party Utility

In some situations, the problem in which Win 10 does not see the DVD drive is caused by the loss of the optical disc icon from the computer due to the incompatibility of drivers. This situation is very common, it will be possible to solve it using third-party utility. In this case, download DVD Drive Repair.DVD Drive Repair WindowThe latest version of the program is available for download from the Softpedia aggregator at theЗапустите utility link (it does not require installation) and activate the function Repair DVD Drives. The progress of the procedure will be displayed in the lower form. When the inscription appears Finished, reboot.Using DVD Drive Repair

Method 2: Command Line

The situation when Vin 10 does not see the DVD drive, it will be possible to resolve through the command line. This is the name of the dialog box where various commands are entered. With it, you can perform most of the system interactions. This also applies to troubleshooting from DVD “Start” you need to scroll to the bottom. Unlock the attachment “Office – Windows. Click PCM on item “Command line”. Turn on the program on behalf of the administrator.Enabling Command Line from Start MenuNow copy this to the input form:reg.exe add "HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesatapiController0" / f / v EnumDevice1 / t REG_DWORD / d 0x00000001Command Line Drive CorrectionIf the Ctrl + V combination does not work, then click PCM at the input field. Then press Enter. For changes to take effect, you should restart the PC.

Important: if you open the console without administrator rights, an error with the text will appear “Affordable”. Therefore, the option of running cmd through “Follow out” not suitable.

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