Windows 10 won’t see or connect to Wi-Fi

Many laptop users managed Windows 10 notice that the system does not always detect WiFi, and sometimes it cannot connect to it. The problem is common, so there are many ways to solve it.

Ways to fix the problem

To begin with, you should pay attention to the connection icon located in the notification panel. Check the status of the adapter, it must be ready for use.

It is also worth updating the network card driver. You can find them on the laptop manufacturer’s website. This can also be a solution to the problem.


First of all, you should make sure if it is really Win 10 does not see WiFi. After all, the problem can lie in the router itself or in great remoteness from it. The easiest way to do this is to connect to the network from another device, for example, a smartphone and tablet. If the network is displayed, then the problem is exactly in your computer. Otherwise, try rebooting the router, sometimes it helps.

doesn't see wi windows 10

Windows 10 there is a built-in tool for diagnosing network problems. The item for its launch is in the context menu of the icon for connecting to the tray. The system will try to find a problem on its own and, if possible, immediately correct it or give a recommendation to further solve the problem.

If a computer or laptop with Win 10 does not connect to Wi-Fi, then the reason may lie in the off service responsible for the wireless connection. This moment is worth checking.

Windows 10 does not find wi

Open the application call context menu through a combination Win and X, click there on the “Control Panel. In the window, change the display option to icons. Open the item “Administration”, in it launch the label “Servants. There find the component “Autometroject Service Wlan“and check her condition.


In the event that it is deactivated, then click on it PCM and open the properties. In the start type, set the “Automatically” option, save the settings and restart the PC.

An option is also possible that WiFi physically disabled on a laptop. In some models, there is a special slider on the body, which is responsible for the operation of wireless connections. If there is, then set it in position On or “On. But when the Internet session is over, it is recommended to disconnect the wireless connection. Otherwise, it will simply consume a battery charge.

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