Windows 10 does not see the hard drive

Sometimes Windows 10 does not see the hard drive included in the computer configuration after installing the operating system. In this case, the first thing you need to check is the state of the PC in BIOS. New HDD should be displayed in the list of equipment. If this is not so, then the problem is not programmatic, but hardware-related. Either something is wrong with the drive itself, or its connection is not done correctly.

Turn on the second HDD

It is necessary to activate the “Disk Management” utility integrated into the operating system. With its help, it will be possible to eliminate the problem. Open the Run program from the Start menu. In it, enter the command diskmgmt.msc.Win+R

There will be a system section management menu. Here you should pay attention to objects with various malfunctions, in particular:

  • “No data. Not initialized ”(arises when the hard drive is not displayed).
  • Are present on HDD areas with the “Not distributed” marker (this applies to a situation where logical partitions are not displayed).

If none of the listed is present, but the section is simply displayed RAW, and still visible Ntfsor Fat32, but they do not have a volume label, then you just need to format this section (we are talking about RAW).Windows 10 does not see the hard drive

Initialization procedure

In the first case, correct that Vin 10 does not see the hard drive, it turns out as follows: click PCM on the desired HDD and start the initialization procedure.

Disc initialization

It is preferable to choose a structure Gpt (MBR better shows himself in the old versions of Windows). The execution of the procedure will lead the drive to the state of the area – Not distributed, as in the second paragraph. Further instructions apply to both cases.Disc initialization-2

Now you need to click PCM on the undistributed area and activate the function of creating a simple volume.Volume creation Tips will pop up on the screen, follow them. It is advisable to indicate formatting Ntfs. Windows 10 does not see the hard drive Tips will pop up on the screen, follow them. It is advisable to indicate formatting Ntfs. You can provide a breakdown into logical sections. Then do some volumes by sharing the free space of the drive. When the procedure is over, check the conductor. A new local disk (or several) will appear there. Now you can download data to it, and use it in other ways.Windows 10 does not see the hard drive

This option is also suitable for the second case from the list. This can also be done for a situation where Windows 10 does not see an external hard drive. Utility will fix the error, format HDD and displays it in the conductor of the operating system.

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