Windows 10 disable Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a built-in antivirus program for Microsoft’s latest operating systems. It is designed to protect the computer from various threats until it is installed more third-party software.

Component shutdown

Not all users need this component. And in a number of situations, it will simply interfere, for example, block access to sites or interrupt the launch of files. In this case, disconnect Win 10. To do this, there is a 4 simple option: editing registry data, setting up a task scheduler, using a special program and editing a group policy. But the latter will not be relevant for all publications of the operating system.

Option 1: Registry Editing

The Windows registry contains computer configuration data. With it, without problems, it will be possible to deactivate the desired element. To do this, do the following:

  1. Open the menu “Start”.
  2. Start typing request regedit.
  3. A search window will appear, in it, run the element of the same name.
  4. Unlock HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE, and then SOFTWARE.

    SOFTWARE section in Registry Editor

  5. Select a directory Policies, click on it PCM and select the item “Find…”.

    Activating Search in Registry Editor

  6. Enter in the first column Windows Defender and uncheck all points except “The names of the sections”.

    Search for Windows Defender in Registry Editor

  7. The corresponding directory will start, find the graph there DisableAntiSpyware.
  8. If it exists, then assign it “1” as the value. Otherwise, click on the empty space in the right block of the PCM window and select the creation of the element Dword. Enter a name for him DisableAntiSpyware, and the value must be set “1.

    Creating a parameter in the Registry Editor

In the end, you need to restart the computer. This is the easiest method to turn off the Windows defender in Win 10. But if it didn’t work, then try to follow up.Note: if you need a built-in antivirus again, then set the zero value for the same parameter.

Option 2: Task Scheduler

  1. Press Win + R at the same time.
  2. Print to the text box taskschd.msc, and then click on the inscription “OK”.

    Run task scheduler through Run

  3. Open all single catalogs until a large number of elements appear (section Windows)
  4. Find a point there Windows Defender (it is located towards the end of the list) and select it.
  5. There are four parameters in the right window. Click on each PCM and select from the context menu “Disable”. In their state will be displayed “Disabled”.

    Disabling Defender in Task Scheduler

  6. It remains only to close the window, changes will be accepted at the next computer download.

Option 3: Special Program

There are many free programs that enable you to disable various components of the operating system. Many users choose Win Updates Disabler. This is a special software that allows you to deactivate the update of the “ten”, but the list of its functions also includes control over the Defender Windows.

  1. Download the installation file on the page
  2. Run win-updates-disabler-setup.exe.
  3. Install the program, at the end, activate its startup point and click Finish.

    Complete Win Updates Disabler

  4. On the main screen, check the box opposite the desired item and click on the button “Apply now”.

    Disabling Defender Using Win Updates Disabler

Important: Do not forget to deactivate the option of disconnecting auto-update if you need them. You can find out detailed instructions for disabling this function in our article “How to disable Windows 10 update”.

Option 4: Group Policy Editing

This method is suitable exclusively for the Professional and Corporate editions of the “tens. The fact is that only there is an editor of local group policy. And with it, without any problems, it will be possible to turn off Windows 10 defender Windows.

  1. Run the dialog box “Follow out” from search or section “Office – Windows, which is on the list of all Start programs.
  2. Call a component msc.
  3. In section “Computer configuration” find the item “Administrative templates” and highlight it.
  4. Unlock tab “View”, located on the toolbar and click on the item “Filter parameters …”.

    Filter options in the Local Group Policy Editor

  5. Activate the filtering point by keywords.
  6. Enter in the text box “Defender” and click “OK”.

    Filter Settings in the Local Group Policy Editor

  7. Close the window, restart the tab “View” and activate the item Filter.
  8. Unlock the catalog “All parameters”.
  9. Set for parameter “Turn off the antivirus …” value “On”.

Reboot the

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