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Many users Windows they think whether to install a new version of the operating system. The article contains reviews from people who use “ten” for some time. They are combined into integral points of advantages and disadvantages. After reviewing them, you can make a choice in favor or against updating.

System Benefits

If you look at Windows 10 reviews on profile sites, forums or blogs, then one of the dominant advantages that users celebrate will be the low weight of the system. The 64-bit professional version occupies about 16 GB of memory on the hard drive. While y Windows 8.1 this figure was close to 20 GB. But in reality the difference is not so big.

reviews about windows 10

The system also takes less RAM, which positively affects the performance of the computer. It loads noticeably faster, some programs function better. It’s nice to see the trend of increasing speed.

The previous advantage also includes the fact that the system will work faster on weak computers. After all, it takes less of the RAM and constant memory.

10 wine reviews

Directx 12 – a set of graphic instructions used in various applications and games. It is present only in the “ten”, for old versions of the OS is unavailable. Accordingly, some games are exclusive for Windows 10. The same applies to programs. They have additional features thanks to 12 versions Directx, improves performance and optimizes the load on the video card.

windows 10 reviews

Separately, it is worth mentioning that Microsoft the main support is provided by the latest version. Updating Windows 1703, whose feedback is mostly positive, has brought many good and noticeable changes. Regular safety patches are released, various problems are fixed, new functions are added.


But it cannot be said that the Windows 10 system is good on all sides. Deficiencies are present, and some of them, according to users, are very significant.

One of the main disadvantages is the widespread user tracking. The system even has a special keyboard press trap (keylogger) fixing signals from the input device. A large amount of personal data is sent to servers Microsoft. Tracking is “provided” even by a license agreement. And indeed, this is a significant minus, few people will like it. The developer states that he uses user data for subsequent updates and fixes.

privacy policy on windows 10

Many people are used to working with certain programs, even if they are not updated. And this is another lack of the system. In Windows 10, it will not be possible to run some programs without taking any action. Sometimes the inclusion of a compatibility mode, the installation of special emulators and similar manipulations are required.

True, it is worth saying that this problem is more likely not related to the system, but to software developers. However, it is extremely unpleasant to encounter a situation where it is not possible to put old drivers on a laptop or computer, because a compatibility error occurs.

For many, the absence of the standard “Start” menu became a negative side. Now it is updated, consisting of several blocks. Old users will have to get used to the new arrangement of elements.

no start on windows 10

There were various widgets for the desktop in Windows 7. With their help, it was possible to personalize the computer. In the “ten”, the developers abandoned this function.


Now that the popular Windows 10 reviews are known, is it worth installing a new version of the OS? It is worth it, but only if you really need the described benefits. Separately, it should be mentioned that most of the shortcomings noted by users can be corrected. But this will require a certain amount of time and little knowledge of the PC.

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