Windows 10 default gateway not available

Windows 10, the default gateway is unavailable – have you encountered such an error? Often it scares many users who simply cannot understand what is required of them. The problem always arises when disconnecting the Internet connection. If you click on the network diagnostics, your PC can produce the above text. What does he mean?The problem often arises on laptops and concerns the latest versions of Windows – 10 and 8. To separate rare cases, let’s say that almost always trouble concerns a wireless connection. The best option is to go to the Network Control Center and open the tab to change the adapter parameter. Next, select a manual connection with a gateway, not an automatic one.

But what if the problem is not solved?

In this case, you must follow the written instructions:

  • You need to find the icon of your WaiFai and right-click on it. Next, we go to the properties and tab of the network, we need the “Internet Protocol version 4, again select the properties;


  • We indicate the default gateway and set the mark on which to appear – the use of the next IP address. If you do not know this value, then the WiFi router address is almost always your IP address. In another case, you need to go online and use one of the proposed sites, which will show you the necessary numbers;


  • Next, the mask is filled offline, and where the gateway field is, you need to specify the router address. We apply everything that we have changed and restart the computer.

windows-10-shlyuz-ustanovlennyj-po-umolchaniyu-nedostupenAfter all the fraud, the network must work. Otherwise, the problem is not in the operating system, but with the signal itself. Perhaps you should call the company that represents the connection and ask if they are carrying out any repair work and so on.

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