Windows 10 folder properties

The properties settings of the Wing 10 folders will make the computer more convenient, add a security system, or make any other changes to the PC Browser.

General settings

Open the Explorer Windows (any directory). In the Explorer toolbar, click on “File”, from the context menu, select “Change Settings …”. You can also edit the properties of the catalogs in the control panel, the category “Design and personalization.

changing the properties of folders on Windows 10

The first thing to do is to examine the contents of the “General” tab. There you can configure the way to open folders (double or single click), as well as other parameters. There is still a separate item responsible for opening all folders as new processes explorer.exe.

general settings for folder properties on win 10

View tab

All the main parameters are located in the “View” section. Here you can enable and disable the display of hidden elements, configure icons, activate the function of opening folders in new windows. And this is not all the possibilities present in this tab.

Recommendation: Do not enable the display of system files if work with them is not required. The fact is that it is more difficult for viral programs to work with hidden data. Accordingly, the risk of contamination of system components is so much reduced.

view of folders on Windows 10

From Win’s innovations 10 folder properties can be noted Sharing Wizard. This is a convenient utility for setting common access parameters. Also, with its help, you can set the elements displayed in the side block of the Observer Windows.

It is worth understanding that initially all settings apply only to the folder where you are now. But there is a special item – Apply to folders. It will save changes for all computer directories.

By the name of the tab, you can understand that it will be possible to adjust the mode of operation of the search launched from the Explorer and the “Start” menu. Separately, indexing parameters are worth noting. The system can be configured so that it checks not only files, but also archives when searching for requests. You can also exclude system files from the search results. This will speed up the execution of the procedure.

search for folder in Windows 10

If attempts to search always the desired file are regularly unsuccessful, activate the option “Always search by. This will increase the duration of the procedure, but at the same time its effectiveness will increase.

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