Windows 10 is slow

Slows down Windows 10? This is not a problem if you have a certain level of knowledge that relates to both the operating system and computers in general. More and more people are moving to ten, also remember that almost all computers and laptops you buy now will be with the latest OS. Therefore, some are simply forced to re-learn how to speed up the operating system. This process is different from what was on the seven.

Why is Windows 10 slow?

Before you solve the problem, you need to understand how it started. There are a lot of options and you yourself must understand which one suits your situation:

  • If the processor is very weak, it may simply fail. It is enough to go to the official website of Windows and view the desired requirements for the operating system. If they are near the minimum, then it is not surprising that your PC is slow;
  • Hard drive problems. Often this is a simple lack of memory, especially the system disk. There are the most important files that are responsible for the operation of the entire computer and operating system. If there is almost no space left, the whole system starts to slow down, because it is it that is needed to execute certain commands;
  • Memory. An indicator that directly relates to the previous one. RAM may be low due to lack of free space or PC overload. This is affected by running programs, if their number is too large, then braking is inevitable;
  • Small paging file size. Win 10 slows down for this reason, and it concerns not only this version of the operating system;
  • Virus or spyware. The top ten has a built-in antivirus, but it does not always see all viruses. There are such powerful and invisible files that can slowly destroy your computer and at the same time go unnoticed;
  • Problems within the browser. Often this is affected by the huge amount of debris inside, which is formed over time. Therefore, every time the program is launched, the whole computer starts to freeze.

windows 10 is slow

Win 10 slows down – solving the problem

If you have a weak processor, then you should just buy new parts for your PC. Usually, the biggest load affects the video card, so you need to start with it. Also be aware of hard drives, which are also involved in the “freezing” process. If there is too little space on them, the PC cannot execute all the commands that it must do as standard. This is where the delays come from.

windows 10 slows down what to do

Also, on some computers, videos of excellent quality, that is, HD, may simply not start. The problem is either drivers or a hard drive that cannot handle the provided load. There is only one way out – updating parts for your PC. If the video card costs a lot, then hard drives have a purely symbolic price. This is an extra plus for the user.

If you are not going to invest in your hardware, then you can download a special utility that will help you carry out the Defragmentation process. A very useful feature, it can significantly speed up Windows 10. It was used on older versions, even XP had such settings. That’s just defragmentation is never in standard programs, it will have to be downloaded.

slows down windows 10

If the problems concern the browser specifically, then you need to clear the cache and delete all temporary files. Also, do not forget about the folder with autorun programs. They take away RAM, from this your computer starts to fail. You need to go into it and disable all unnecessary programs. Utilities will no longer run when turned on, there will be more space to perform additional tasks.

windows 10 processes

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