Windows 10 slows down: how to speed up your computer

Over time, any computer begins to hang and slow down if it is not looked after. This applies to both cleaning the case itself and its components from dust, and periodic optimization, and cleaning PCs from various garbage files and viruses. As for cleaning the computer from dust, you need to carry out such cleaning, change the thermostat and remove dust from the boards, you need to at least once every two years. Dust interferes with heat transfer and may even provoke a short circuit, as a result of which the computer will fail.Thermalizer Windows 10Slow down Windows 10, may due to the large amount of garbage in the system.

  • Temporary files.
  • Viruses.
  • The hard drive and registry are strongly fragmented.
  • Errors when installing updates.
  • Outdated drivers.
  • Lack of RAM.
  • Many programs in the autorun.

You can clean the computer both manually, removing all the garbage from all folders and partitions, and using third-party software. Using one PC optimization program as an example, we will conduct a complete cleaning and computer optimization, so that he does not brake and works like watch.

PC optimization program

The AVG PC Tuneup utility is a powerful toolbox for customizing and optimizing a computer. Easy to manage. It’s easier, probably, to say what she does not know how to list her merits. It is paid, but has a trial period of 2 weeks when it can be used without restrictions.

  • After installation, you can immediately conduct automatic maintenance.

Automatic maintenance of the Windows 10 computer by AVG PC Tuneup

Why does Windows 10 slow down? In the Windows 10 operating system, the main reason is registry errors, non-working labels, crowded cache and system log entries, many cache files and browser stories, various changes, entered by malware into the start and end settings, and strong disk fragmentation.

  • As we see after scanning, the program discovered a lot of problems. You can see a detailed report on the problems found if you click on a small arrow next to each point.

Cleaning Windows 10

  • Then we click on the cleaning button and wait for the operation to complete.

Cleaning Windows 10 AVG PC TuneupBut this is only surface cleaning, then click on the ” buttonMonitoring panel”and here we are already conducting a complete cleaning and tuning of the PC. The whole setting does not cause difficulties, just follow the prompts and moving the sections, clear the PC of everything unnecessary.AVG PC Tuneup Windows 10 Monitoring Panel

  • Here you can suspend the work of background programs that load the system.
  • Increase PC performance.
  • Set turbo mode.
  • Clear cache and browser data.
  • Refresh device drivers.
  • Check your hard drive for errors and fix them.
  • Install an antivirus program.
  • Remove unnecessary programs from the autorun.
  • Delete duplicate files.
  • Delete voluminous files.
  • Delete unnecessary programs.
  • Customize utility work so that it mount unused applications and games. And after a given time, they were removed. And also launched automatic maintenance according to the schedule. And much more.

AVG PC Tuneup Windows 10 Features

Manual computer cleaning

If Vin 10 slows down, we need to scan the computer for malicious threats. Malicious activity most often leads to hangs and brakes.

Viral threat

When there are malicious intruders in the system, a stationary antivirus may not detect them. He himself is most likely already infected, or the virus skillfully disguises him. For scanning, it is better to use third-party solutions – cloud scanners. For example, Dr.Web CureIt! or ESET Online Scanner. Then, in case of virus detection, advice, change the stationary antivirus. Kaspersky Free or Avast is suitable for a free and pretty good solution!.Cleaning Windows 10 from viruses

We update drivers

Outdated drivers can become a source of improper operation of devices and as a result, Win 10 slows down.

Download new driver versions only from the manufacturer’s official website.

But such a way for an inexperienced user will be overwhelming. It’s much easier and faster to use a special software. For this purpose, the conditionally free Driver Booster utility will do. An excellent program, in stylish black version, has a Russian-language interface. Automatically scan the computer, determine outdated and missing drivers. Will pick up those who are suitable on the network, download and install. The user only needs to press the round button in the center of the working window to start scanning.Windows 10 Driver Booster Driver Update

We clean system files

In the Windows 10 operating system, especially after upgrading to tens, there is very little free space on the system disk. Old system placed in folder Windows old, takes up a lot of space, and just like that this folder cannot be deleted. But you can delete the files stored in it through the “Disk Cleaning.

  • We open the conductor, and switch to the “This computer.
  • We select the system disk with a single click and execute the right click on it with the mouse (right-click). In the drop-down menu, select the last item “Properties.
  • Automatically opens a window on the tab “General. Here we are interested in the “button”Disk Cleaning.

Window 10 Disk Cleaning

No need to mark the compression point of this disk in order to save space. The savings are insignificant not more than 100 mb, but there will be a significant decline in productivity.

  • We press the button “Disk Cleaning“, then click on the” buttonClear system files“, here after scanning we mark all points in the window with checkmarks.

Please note the folders “Temporary files“and”Cart»may contain dozens of gigabytes of information. All this is rubbish and it needs to be removed. We mark everything, and boldly remove. In some cases, especially after updating to tens, you can clean up to 40 GB.Windows 10 slows down

Download Folders and Documents

Do not forget that Desk – This is a folder stored on the system disk, as well as the folders of Download, Documents, Images and Cart. Do not store large files in these folders, then the computer will work much faster.

Hard disk defragmentation

To defragment the disk, you need to run the built-in utility for this purpose. You can open it from the local disk properties window in the ” tabService. Here you can both scan the disk for errors and fix them, and start defragmentation. The process itself is simple, in some cases quite long. For successful defragmentation on a local disk, at least 15 % of the total volume should be free. Otherwise, the utility will not be able to defragment.Defragmentation of Windows 10

Auto Download

For not very powerful computers at their disposal 4 GB of RAM for 64-bit systems, and 2 GB for 32-bit, a large number of programs in the autorun leads to slow operation of the computer with hangs and braking. Most programs are prescribed for autorun without special user permission, then loaded with the OS and work in the background. The user may not have any idea about the existence of some programs. Unless the symptoms of the brakes suggest – something is wrong, something is stopping working. We open the wind farm 10. Making it in the top ten is even easier.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and run Task manager.
  • Switch to tab Auto Download (yes, now she is here), and turn off everything that seems unnecessary, superfluous and suspicious.

Window 10 autocompleWe don’t need to be afraid of anything, we’ll boldly turn off, there are no important utilities or drivers, the shutdown of which can damage the system. The maximum can be accidentally turned off the driver of the video card, but at the same time the computer will start and the monitor will turn on, only the screen resolution can change.

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