Windows 10 uninstall programs

Meanwhile, how to remove the program in Windows 10 and how it is done in other versions of the Windows line, there is no difference. This can be done in a variety of ways. And further the most basic of them will be considered.

Windows full-time tools

Usually, along with installation files in the package with the program, there is also a file for uninstallation. To get to it, you can do the following:

  • Right-click on the shortcut of the program intended for deletion;

removal of programs on Windows 10

  • Select the “File Location” item in the context menu;


  • A folder with the installed program will open. You just have to find Uninstall.exe in the list of files – and run it by double-clicking on the left mouse key.

You can also remove any program in the Ten through the Control Panel. To do this, the Control Panel is called, here you will need to select the “Programs” link – “Installation and removal of programs”. Now you have to wait a bit until Windows builds a complete list of all installed programs and components. Once the list is built, you will need to select the deleted program from it and click on the “Delete” screen the Ten, a new method of disposal appeared, which was not in any other Windows. You will need to click on the Start button, or on the win key, then select the program to be deleted from the Start menu. Now click on the right mouse button, setting the cursor on this program. The context menu opens in which you will need to select the “Delete” another way for the Tens:

  • Go to the menu: “Start” – “Parameters”;

removal of programs on win 10

  • In the dialog box that opens, select “Appendices”;


  • And then in the list select the desired file and click on the new “Delete” screen button.

delete selected program on Windows 10

Using third-party utilities

There are also ways to remove the application on Windows 10. This is through the use of various utilities. They can be useful if the full-time toolkit does not allow the complete removal of the application, with all system and configuration files. Such removal may be required, for example, if after updating the program the new version conflicts with old software files. Actually, you can manually delete all files for this, as well as correcting the parameters of the system registry. But this is not easy. So it is recommended to still use specialized applications.

As such programs, you can offer: Windows Uninstaller, Uninstall Tools, Cleaner and the like.

removal of programs through other utilities on wines 10You can also notice that in how to remove the game on Windows 10 or any other program, there is absolutely no difference. All the techniques described above work equally successfully with both games and any other applications. However, a separate item “Delete” may also be included in the shell of the toy start. Accordingly, it will be required to choose. At the same time, the program will ask whether it is necessary to remove all the components, or you can leave the configuration, save and similar files so that in case of reinstalling the game you can quickly return to its place of passage.

How to delete programs

But to delete through the banal erasing of folders with the application is strictly not recommended! This method worked great in DOS – when everything necessary for the normal operation of the application was in the same folder. In the case of Windows, so-called shared resources take place. They can be contacted immediately by many computer-mounted programs. If they are easy to take and remove, then other applications will remain without the resources they need …

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