Windows 10: Add or Remove Programs

At Windows 10, the removal of programs installed in the operating system is possible using the built-in tool. It is much easier to use it, rather than trying to uninstall the loaded component manually.

Element location

At Windows 10, the installation and removal of programs is done using an element located in the control panel. Switch the display option to the icons and click on the item “Programs and components”. When the window is loaded, all installed elements for uninstallation or correction will be available to the user. The most obvious way to open this tool in Windows 10 is to call it through Control Panel. It opens when searching for a menu “Start”.Start control panelIf the button does not work for you “Start”, then use the instructions from our articles.

Quick call option

Windows 10 has many innovations, including those related to program removal capabilities. There are two simple ways to uninstall an excess element:

  1. PCM icon “Start” (alternative – simultaneous pressing Win + X) and graph selection “Applications and Opportunities”.Applications and opportunities in the context menu Start
  2. Open the menu “Start”, PCM for any item from the list and select the delete function.Delete application in Start menu This option is not suitable for software loaded from Windows 10.

If you use the second method, the deinstallation procedure will not begin, but a list of all software installed on the computer will open. And even then you can remove the desired program.

Alternative way of uninstallation

There is an alternative method for removing Wing 10 programs that does not require the use of a standard tool. Consider using it in more detail.

  1. Open the menu “Start”.
  2. In the lower left corner, just above the food icon, there is a gear-shaped icon. Click on it LKM.
  3. Window opens “Parameters”.Windows Options ApplicationsWe are interested in the button in it “Applications”.
  4. Stay in the section “Applications and Opportunities”.
  5. In the left block of the window is the transition button in “Programs and components”, but she doesn’t interest us. The entire list of components installed on the computer is displayed in the center of the screen. We will work with him.
  6. Select the desired application and click the uninstallation item.Removal to Applications and Features
  7. Confirmation of action will be required, then a standard uninstaller will open. But if the application is installed from the Microsoft store, then the system will remove it in a quiet mode.

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