Windows 10 language bar

Standard in the notification area, Windows 10 has the “Input Encator” icon. He is responsible for changing the keyboard layout. This element can be replaced with a language panel with advanced functions.


To activate this panel, you need to configure system components:

  1. Press the Win + I key combination.
  2. Go to section “Time and language”.
  3. On the right side of the window is a point “Additional date parameters …”, open it.
  4. Now select a section “Change in input methods”.

    Configuring I a44deb489f3b9277096de93b67cf2296amp; Input in the Control Panel

  5. On the left side of the window click on “Additional parameters”.
  6. Activate item “Use language …” and save the settings.

After that, a corresponding icon will appear next to the notification area. Now let’s figure out how to change the language with it. And here it is the same as before: a special keyboard shortcut works and the choice of input mode through the context menu. In the additional parameters section, you can change the hot buttons, and also include a language change function for each application individually.

Possible problems

Any element of the operating system can function incorrectly, which also applies to the language panel. Problems arise both due to sloppy user actions, and due to various Win failures.

The area has disappeared

It happens that in Wing 10 the language panel disappears. It just stops displaying at the bottom of the screen. In previous versions of the system, in this case, editing of the registry was required, now everything is much simpler. The first thing to do is simply restart the computer. In most cases, this will solve the problem. But in some situations this will not be enough, additional system adjustment will be needed, and sometimes recovery. Consider a simple way to fix a failure. If the action did not help, then use the instructions for turning on the panel. A button is located next to the activation point “Parameters”.

Language Change Options in Control Panel

In the first block of the window there is a list of operating modes consisting of three elements. You must select the second one and apply the settings.

Fix for Language Panel

Alternative – inclusion of the icon “Input indicator”:

  1. Click PCM on the free area of the taskbar (where the fixed programs are located, usually at the bottom of the screen).
  2. In the list, select the last item.

    Windows 10 Taskbar Options

  3. Scroll through the menu to the section “The Area of Notifications”, there click on the inscription “Turning on and off …”.

    System icons in Win 10 Options

  4. Activate item “Input indicator” and close the window.

The combination of language change keys does not work

Traditionally, keyboard layout changes when you press the LShift + Alt key combination. But sometimes this combination does not lead to anything. In this case, you can change the layout in the language panel, but this is far from always convenient, because it slows down the input speed. It is preferable to set hotkeys. Instructions for changing the combination of buttons:

  1. Open the menu of additional parameters according to the instructions from the first section of the article.
  2. In section “Switching input methods” select “Change combinations …”.
  3. All the necessary settings are available in the window that appears.

In it, you can also set a keyboard key combination to call a specific layout, for example, English. This function will be especially relevant for systems that specify more than two input methods.

Not Those Languages Asked

The languages specified in this panel are installed at the Windows 10 configuration stage. But you can change them at any time. This will be required for various failures, translation of documents and in some other cases.

  1. First you need to activate the language panel.
  2. Click on it PCM and select the settings item.
  3. A window for changing language parameters will open, in it you can add a new element to the list, delete the excess, and also edit their order.

    Configuring Windows 10 Input Languages

When entering a language, sorting is possible not only by name, but also by written

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