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Windows 10 or Windows 7 – what’s better? This topic is interesting to almost everyone who at least once used a personal computer. Windows 7 has proven to be the perfect option for an ordinary gamer or just a fan of watching movies and sitting on the Internet. But the dozen exceeded all the expectations of users, so many had a choice – Windows 10 or Windows 7?The struggle between these operating systems began not so long ago. Fans of the seven praise her in every possible way and say that this is a real Windows. Those who like exactly 10 argue that all past systems are very outdated, so it is the latest version that is most convenient. In each case, there are pros and cons, so you need to consider them in more detail.

Which Windows is better than 7 or 10 – the benefits of each OS

For convenience, we will make a list that will have sections. Each will have a few words about each OS.

  • Disk space. In the seven there is no such function at all that you can not say about the ten. This function allows you to recognize all devices as a single whole. If any of them becomes unusable, the system will very quickly notify the user about this;

windows- 7 -ili-windows-10windows- 7 -ili-windows-10

  • We return the factory settings. In seven, this process can cause some complications, which cannot be said about version 10. It is in it that most of the functions are greatly simplified. Also, resetting settings involves not only the standard option, but also the additional one – in which there is no file deletion and system cleaning, all of them can be saved;
  • Antivirus. Starting from the eight, it is present as a standard utility. In the top ten, antivirus is a very useful software, especially considering the fact that most simply forget to download it. When installing the OS, it immediately starts working and protecting the PC;

what is better than 7 or 10 wines

  • We control several monitors. This function has been possible since the advent of the seventh Windows, but it was unfinished. It took a large number of additional utilities to properly configure the entire process. In the top ten, all this has become much simpler. Now there are a large number of built-in elements that make the integration and management of several screens – a children’s game. Everything is very simple and clear;
  • File story. In the seven, these were backup files, which often took up a lot of space and were scattered across different folders. In 10 storage discs, even an external platform can appear. And the system itself is much simpler, you will never delete files by chance.

windows- 7 -ili-windows-10Wing 7 or Wing 10 – what’s better? If you reason adequately, then the ten is seven in many respects. But there are always lovers of classics, and that is precisely the seven. Yes, it does not have most of the new innovations, but people are used to the old order and they like it. For many, just laziness goes to something new, re-learn, and seven is really one of the best versions of Microsoft’s

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