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A question that worries a lot of users is Windows 10 or Windows 7 what’s better? With the release of “ten”, disputes do not subside on this topic. Well-founded fears and doubts overcome users. Because Microsoft is often in a hurry, and produces a raw product with many flaws, bugs. Turning to it, we, as ordinary users, face these problems. With the release of Windows 10, nothing has changed, it also had a lot of problems. As a result, users, not waiting for improvements and corrections of deficiencies, returned to the old proven seven.Windows 7 vs Windows 10

Wing 7 or in 10 which is better

But now closer to the point. If we talk about functionality, then the user, moving to Windows 10 from seven, does not lose anything that he had in Windows 7. If we compare it with the eight in which Microsoft abolished the “Start” button, then in the top ten nothing that was necessary and important in the top ten was not removed. In Windows 10, everyone’s favorite button, of course, returned, it was greatly modified, and revised, meaning its functionality.Start at Windows 10If we talk about the benefits, then there is why it is worth moving to Windows 10.

Quick download.

This is not some subjective opinion of one or more users. This is due to the fact that the developers completely redrawn the download mechanism. Made it optimal and the download process is now much faster. This applies to SSD drive. When Windows 10 is installed on such a hard drive, the operating system is loaded in just a few seconds. What can not be said about the seven in which even the SSD disk does not give such a quick download.Productivity Windovs 10


There is an opinion that when installing Windows 10 on a computer, performance is lost. We want to assure you that this is not so. Declared technical requirements to iron no different from the same seven or eight. And in work, productivity is not lost in any way, and even vice versa.

Device compatibility.

At Windows 10, much attention has been paid to such a point as device compatibility. Holders of old computers should not worry that their outdated equipment will no longer be supported by the new operating system. The drivers who fit for Windows 7 will work great at Windows 10.Windvos Device Compatibility 10


One cannot fail to note the design, interface, and, in general, the appearance of the operating system. The system did not lose from this, but only won. Some items, chips, features that are not in Windows 7 were added. For example, the alert panel, which has been modified and now from this panel we have the ability to quickly access various modules and settings.Appearance Windows 10

Microsoft account.

For the first time with the creation and operation of Microsoft’s computer account, we met in 8. What does this give us? Microsoft account allows you to access your documents and files from anywhere, from a completely alien computer. It is enough to enter any computer running Windows 10 under your account and Windows will make all the necessary settings, and you will feel at home at someone else’s computer. In Windows 7, this function is not available. That is, we can create a Microsoft account, but of course there is no such universal synchronization with different devices.

Defender Windows.

Unlike Windows 7, the dozen has a built-in antivirus. In Windows 10, native antivirus provides pretty good basic protection. In addition, when installing a third-party antivirus, the built-in defender automatically disconnects so as not to create a conflict.

Task Manager.

In the top ten, the task manager has more capabilities, much more convenient, more functional. More informative. In this regard, this utility creates certain amenities.Task Manager Windovs 10

Virtual desktops.

A very convenient innovation is working with additional desktops. Window fans 7 may object, claiming that all this is being decided programmatically. But in Windows 10, this function is already available in the system by default, and there is no need to install third-party software. Tables, of course, work in a peculiar way, but the function itself and the idea are interesting.

Built-in voice assistant Kortan.

For certain reasons and some difficulties associated with the integration of Cortana into Russian and culture, it is not yet available in Russia. Users who speak English or any other language that Cortana is available can interact quite well with her. To do this, you need to change the language and region in the settings to the one supported by Kortana. Of course, you will also have to talk to her in her language.Cortana Windovs 10

Battle of Windovs 7 vs Windows 10

This is not to say that Windows 7 is a bad operating system, very much the opposite, Vin 7 is a good stable system, but it’s time to move forward. And a striking example of this confident step towards the future for technology and development is Windows 10. There is also a flaw in Windows 10, it is tracking all user actions. Starting with running programs, visited sites, read articles on the network, creating documents, ending with voice information, the appearance of the user. All this information is collected by the system and sent to Microsoft. But this tracking can be disabled in the settings.Windows 10 surveillance

Surveillance at Windows 10

Users who are confident, since Windows 7 does not provide for such data collection functions, then they are safe, in fact this is not entirely true. User data is sent to Windows 7 only silent about it. In Wing 10, at least, they talked about this honestly and made it possible to disable most of the tracking functions. It doesn’t matter what your operating system is installed, if you wish, specialists will be able to find and identify you. The only thing that will save any user from tracking, with any OS, is the lack of Internet on the computer. Summing up, we can say that Windows 10 should at least try, test, and only then make a decision, which Windows is better, 7 or 10. Go to the top ten or stay in the seven who have fallen in love over the years.

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