Windows 7 or Windows 10 which is better

Users of Wing 7, knowing about the existence of newer versions of the system from Microsoft, are interested in their differences. After all, the “seven” already works very well, but does it make sense to update and get used to the changes. Let’s try to figure this out.

Differences in operating systems

Before answering the question “What is better: Win 7 or Win 10?”, It is worth identifying the differences in operating systems, as well as determining their significance. And there is an important nuance: serious technical aspects will not be interesting for an ordinary user. We will consider the obvious advantages and disadvantages that will be useful to an ordinary person. In particular, we will talk about four criteria: interface, requirements, compatibility and version of DirectX. Read more about each item in the relevant sections of the article.

Item 1: Interface

Interface is the first thing that catches your eye when entering the system. Windows 7 users with the Aero theme turned on are used to rounded translucent program and folder windows.

Aero in Windows 7

In the “ten” things are fundamentally different. Strict forms prevail there, with straight lines and corners. Such a design looks minimalist, but at the same time not devoid of style. It is fully consistent with modern trends. The developer has largely revised the location of the elements. Menu “Start” now it looks completely different. In addition to the standard list of seven programs, there is still a Metro tile area.

New view of the Windows 10 Start

Elemental Call Place “Control Panel” replaced, now it starts through the context menu of the Start (PCM by icon).

Location Control Panel in Start

There is also quick access to other means of Windows. At first, such a change in the location of the elements seems repulsive. But it’s very easy to get used to it. In which case, the search is always available. In addition, you should not forget about installing custom themes. With one of them, you can return the standard Windows interface 7.Windows 10 TopicsIn this point, one cannot give preference to one of the OS. Each person will determine for himself a more comfortable option.

Paragraph 2: System requirements

Many will be very surprised, but the system requirements of both operating systems are identical. This means that if Windows 7 is consistently running on the computer, then it will be updated to Windows 10 without any problems.But at the same time, users note that the latest version of the OS takes less space on the hard drive. RAM consumption also decreased. By itself, the “ten” demonstrates better performance even on old PCs.

Paragraph 3: Compatibility

In the early life of Windows 10, users moving from previous versions of Microsoft OS often faced compatibility issues. The fact is that not all drivers and software could be installed. Gradually, the situation was leveled off, and now she has turned in the opposite direction. Part of the software for the “ten” is not supported for Wing 7.

Item 4: DirectX

This moment of comparison is important for those who sometimes play computer games. Exclusively for Win 10, there is DirectX 12, without which it is impossible to launch several titles from the Microsoft application store.

DirectX Version in Windows 10

Former systems support only the eleventh version of the library set.


You can seriously compare what is better: Windows 7 or 10. In a direct assessment, “ten” is better. But this is quite logical, Microsoft would not have released a new version of the operating system if it works worse than the previous one. When developing software, the company always takes into account old mistakes and sees strengths. She seeks to get rid of the former without adding new ones, and the latter, on the contrary, carries and develops. But no qualitative leap has occurred. In addition, not all users will like innovations and changes. If the priority for you is the support of DirectX 12, as well as increased speed, then go to Windows 10. And adherents of the “seven”, who are completely satisfied with the interface and technical capabilities, should remain on the current version of the

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