Windows 10 boot disk

Windows 10 boot disk is used for clean installation or system recovery. There are several ways to write an OS image on DVD both with the help of built-in utilities and with the use of third-party software. Consider them in more detail.

Download system image

On DVD the disc is recorded by the image of Windows. Accordingly, first you need to get it. Skip this step if the image is already loaded on the PC and ready to record.

It is recommended to download a clean version of the operating system from official website. Utility is used for this MCT (Media Creation Tool)

The utility does not require installation, after launch it immediately starts to function. Select what you need to configure the boot disk to install the operating system, select its version and specify the file download location. Windows 10 boot diskSelect what you need to configure the boot disk to install the operating system, select its version and specify the file download location. Image loading time depends on the speed of the Internet connection. On average, the procedure takes 15 minutes.Windows 10 boot disk

Windows 10 boot disk

There are more edited Wing 10 images available for download on the Web. You can find the optimal version of the system among them if the clean edition does not suit you. Most often they are laid out on torrent trackers. Do not trust unfamiliar sites. There you can download a version of the system with malicious components that will steal personal data or use computer resources.

Mounting the image on the disk with internal OS tools

Still in Windows 7 built-in tools have appeared to record images on DVD. In this case, additional programs do not need to be used, although they also have certain advantages regarding this method.

Go to the directory where the extension document is stored ISO. Click on it PCM and click on “Record Disk Image”.  The system will start a primitive utility where you need to specify the drive with DVDboob and confirm the actions. Mounting will take some time. While the process is going on, it is better not to download the computer and close all extraneous programs.

Windows 10 boot disk

To put the computer start with DVD, need to change the settings BIOS, point Boot Priority. The name can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer of the motherboard. More specific data can be found in the instructions to it.

Attention! Many users simply flip the file ISO to disk. But this is the wrong way. After all ISO – just an archive with some files that you need to extract using a special utility or program. Otherwise loading with DVD will become simply impossible.

Disk Recording Program

UltraISO – A very popular program for recording or removing a disk image. It is characterized by ease of use, functionality and speed. Get a boot disk Win 10 you can use it.

The official page for downloading the program is here. From the entire list, select the Russian version.UltraISO Download Page

Run UltraISO, open the “Tools” point located at the top of the window. There select “Record Image CD. Windows 10 boot diskThen you need to specify the path to ISO Windows 10 image, as well as disk label. It is not recommended to change the write speed and other parameters; they are initially set to the optimal values. Confirm the selection, the disk will start to burn. It can last more than 5 minutes.

There are alternative programs with similar functions. Among the famous can be distinguished Daemon Tools. This is a powerful tool for working with disk images. You can download it at the link . With the recording of the image on the blockhead, he can handle it and Lite version.

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