Windows 10 Defender

Microsoft Corporation pays great attention to their security in its operating systems. Windows 10 has many components that serve to protect your computer from virus threats. For example, the SmartScreen filter. It checks all running and downloadable executable files in an emulated environment, and stops their operation if necessary. Practically, all users of the “tens” have encountered alerts from Defender Windows 10. But usually there is no explanation for this component of the system. In fact, it is an antivirus built into the OS with obvious functions.


Calling the Windows Defender menu is easiest from the window “Parameters” – innovations of the “tens. Win + I hotkeys are responsible for its opening. Then go to the section “Renewal and safety”.

Update and security in the Settings menu

In the left block and the desired item is located. The menu contains all the options for the built-in antivirus for Windows 10. But the first two are most interesting for an ordinary user. “Real-time Protection” responsible for the functioning of the Defender.

Real-time protection in Windows Defender

But if you put the slider in a state “Off”, then the tool will not turn off forever, but only for a certain period of time. The second interesting parameter is “Cloud Protection”.

Cloud Protection in Windows Defender

It indicates that the inclusion of the parameter will allow the computer to send certain data to Microsoft servers in order to analyze and improve the system. Many users did not like the developer’s tracking policy. Too many components are used for this purpose, including Defender. If you do not like this state of affairs, deactivate this option.


The easiest way to turn off Windows Defender in Windows 10 is to install a third-party antivirus. In this case, the functions of the built-in defender will be disabled. But this option is not suitable for all users. You can read an alternative in our article “Disabling Windows Defender for Windows 10”.In short, it is easiest to deactivate a built-in antivirus using a special utility. A great choice would be Win Updates Disabler. You can download the program from the official website – The installation process is the same as always. Open the program with a shortcut, remove all the flags, and then activate the option “Disable Defender Windows and click on “Apply now”.Disabling Defender Using Win Updates DisablerAt the end, you will need to restart the computer. Then the utility can be removed. Also, with its help, you can return the protective component to the working

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