Windows 10 desktop icons: “My Computer”, etc.

Many users of Windows 10 are scared away by the lack of classic icons on the main screen, which were in past versions of the system. In particular, many are unhappy that there is no My Computer icon. The OS provides a way to restore the previous type of desktop.

Inclusion of icons

In the latest version, Windows has changed the location of the desktop icon, which has confused many users. But if you get used to it, then the innovation will seem reasonable and convenient.


Press at the same time Win and I. In the parameter window Windows open the “Personalization” section. In it, go to the “Themes” category. There is the menu “Parameters of icons. In it you can specify the option of displaying certain icons. There are only five of them: Computer, Cart, Network, Control Panel and User Files. For each item, you can specify a custom icon or enable standard ones. Thus, it will be possible to restore the My Computer icon to the Windows 10 desktop.


There are alternative ways to open the desired menu in the “ten. The first of them is through a search (launched through the “Start” menu or key combination Win + Q). Enter the “Signs” request and open the first utility from the issue.

badges my computer on Windows 10

This feature allows you to bring Windows 10 to a more classic look. Especially it will appeal to fans of the lower OS versions. However, working with a computer will be simplified. After all, the necessary shortcuts will be located on the desktop, they will not have to be searched in the taskbar or the “Start” menu.

Registry Editing

There is another option how to make a shortcut in Wing 10 “My Computer” on the desktop. It is recommended to run to it only by experienced users, since editing the registry can lead to the failure of some system components.


It is also worth mentioning that this option will be fully implemented only if you have missed the previous instruction or returned the changed parameters to the original position. Then you can go directly to the task.


Now open the registry editor via “Win + R”. Copy to the text line regedit and confirm the input. Open for a start Hkey_Current_USER, find subsection Microsoft, and then follow: “Windows – Currentversion – Explorer.


In the end directory open Advanced. There you should select a column with a name Hideicons (Dword). Set a null value for it. If there is no parameter, then it must be created (PCM click in the free area of the right window block and selection of the corresponding item).


It remains to restart the system. As a result, the “My Computer” icon appears on the Windows 10 desktop. And with it other icons that were present in the early versions of the OS.


It is worth understanding that the last way – editing the registry – seems difficult for an ordinary user. Therefore, if you are not very good at computers, then configure the classic icons on the desktop using the personalization section.

Key Disabling

Two ways are presented above how to return the icons for the desktop to Wing 10. Now consider how to turn them off.

  • If you acted in the first way, then just remove the selection from the items of added icons.
  • If you acted in the second way, then open the directory again Advanced and set “1” in the value of the parameter.

You can also just erase the icons from the desktop. Highlight them and click Shift+Del. This activates irrevocable removal.

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