Sound drivers for Windows 10

As we know, for the normal operation of the computer, in addition to the installed operating system, the computer needs more device drivers. Drivers are a kind of connecting bridge of the Windows system and the computer hardware. Without a driver, the system will not be able to display the image on the screen, play the sound and the computer will not be able to detect a new connected device such as a flash drive or phone. Ensuring that all drivers are updated to the latest current version is not fundamentally important. It is important that a suitable driver is installed for a particular device.Sound Drivers at Windows 10In most cases, all necessary drivers are installed with the OS. Since modern operating systems already contain a set of all universal drivers. In rare cases, additional software installation for video adapter and other non-standard devices of gamer computers is required. For which, this software can be downloaded and installed on the website of the manufacturer of this equipment.

Realtek Sound Audio Driver

If we talk about sound devices and drivers for them, then the market leader in audio adapters has long been Realtek and accordingly the audio driver for Windows 10. The software of this manufacturer is already embedded in the Windows library. But when installing some not entirely licensed operating systems, there may be no sound in the computer. Or, due to a viral attack, the drivers of sound are sometimes damaged. After installing pirated Windows 10, there may also be no sound on the computer. In this case, you need to download and install the driver Realtek HD Audio Drivers.Realtek Sound Driver for Windows 10

Sound Drivers for Windows 10

Download drivers Realtek HD Audio Drivers can be on the official website. After downloading, you need to start the installation file, and, in fact, install it. The installation process is simple and consists of two stages.

  • The first stage is the removal of the old driver.
  • After restarting the computer, the second stage will automatically begin – this is its direct installation.

If the sound driver for Win 10 is not installed, an error occurs. You need to check whether the discharge file for installation has been downloaded. You only need to download the software of the corresponding discharge. If a 64-bit system is installed, then the same discharge must be downloaded and drivers for devices.

  • You can find out what kind of discharge the system is installed if you right-click on the “button”Start.
  • Here we need the item “System.
  • The window that opens will display information about the system, among which will indicate what kind of discharge Windows is installed.

Windows 10 System Discharge

No audio driver for Windows 10 installed

At Windows 10, sometimes some drivers categorically refuse to install normally. This can happen when the Windows 10 digital driver signature system is automatically checked. However, this check can be circumvented if you unonely disable this check in the settings. How to do this?

  • Open the parameters with a key combination Win + I or through the notification center in the lower right corner of the monitor.

All Window 10 options

  • Next, select the menu item “Update and Security.

Windows 10 Update and Security

  • We look in the special download options section of the “Recovery»button”Reboot now“, click here.

Windows 10 download options

  • Download the Windows settings menu, click on the “buttonFinding and troubleshooting.

Windows 10 troubleshooting

  • Next to need a section Additional options.

Windows 10 additional options

  • And after “Download Options.

Windows 10 download options

  • We click “Reboot.

Windows 10 Download Options

  • We select the seventh item in the list, for this we click on the F7 key.

Now the check is disabled and until the next restart of the system it will be possible to calmly install drivers. In most cases, such manipulation saves a situation where drivers are not

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