Windows 7 Safe Mode

Despite the fact that the Windows 10 operating system is gaining, slowly but surely, popularity among users who decide to switch to a new product. Nevertheless, most users do not dare to change their principles and preferences, and remain on the true and stable Windows 7. And accordingly, questions on the “seven” “How, and what to do?” Questions on various ways to resolve problems remain relevant.Windows 7 So: here we will talk about Windows 7 how to enter a safe mode.

  • If, when loading the computer, failures in the operation of the operating system appear.
  • Do not boot, after installed software, drivers.
  • Or there was an attempt to configure the software and hardware, but something went wrong, while the computer began to work incorrectly.

In these cases, you need to download in the safe mode Win 7 to debug faults. In the Windows 7 operating system, this can be done in two ways:

  • Directly when loading the system.
  • From under the operating OS through the “System Configuration.

Download computer in safe mode at startup

Consider the first way.

  • Click the reset computer button through the menu Start or turn it on if it was turned off.
  • At the time of verification POST, when the maternal pay logo appears, you need to press the key F8. When a window appears Additional download options choose Safe mode and click Enter.

Checking POST Windows 7If you can’t catch the right moment, when, and how many times do you need to press the key F8. You can simply restart the system several times through the button Restart on the system unit, then the system itself will offer to start the computer in a safe mode for debugging.

When does this mode be needed? Most often, this is a viral infection. With the advent of the Internet, attacks on users’ PCs from the network have become more frequent. In most cases, it is the fault of the user himself, when downloading all kinds of software from unverified resources, and independently launching malware on his computer, which then bring a lot of trouble with downloading, and various kinds of OS problems.

Safe Vinodovs 7Next, Windows 7 Safe Regime Downloads, now you can eliminate all errors. This is true for viral infection, when it is not possible to remove a malware or some improperly working software. Only those services and components that are necessary for the operation of the OS are launched here. A limited number of libraries and files are launched, necessary only for the system to start. As a rule, other download options are not needed. To solve most problems, the first option is enough.

Enabling a safe “seven” mode

  • In the operating system, you can boot in the mode for debugging faults as follows.
  • Press two keys at the same time Win and R. (Win’s key is located in the bottom row with the Windows logo).
  • Next, the built-in utility will start Run, in the field of which you need to write a word (msconfig) in small Latin letters, and click Ok.

Built-in Run app in Windows 7

  • Next, a window opens in which you need to switch to the tab Download.
  • Then select the item Computer Options, where marked with a label Safe mode.

Here you need to leave the mark on the point Minimum – This means that the desktop of the Windows Explorer operating system will load. A minimum set of drivers and utilities will be launched. The Internet will not work here. We click Ok and in the dialog box we confirm the reboot of the operating system. If you start the computer in safe mode, you will click later Exit without reboot.Secure mode through system configurationAfter debugging the computer parameters, in the same way as we turned on the computer to boot in a safe mode, you need to return the settings to the original state, otherwise it will start this way with each turn

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