Black screen in Windows 7 on boot

Sometimes when you turn on a computer or laptop with Windows 7, a black screen and mouse cursor appear instead of the usual desktop or login form. This suggests that the system was not able to load drivers for the graphical adapter. Therefore, the image on the monitor or screen is not displayed correctly.

Problem solution

The first step in the event of such a problem is to restart the computer. In the event that it did not help, there are two more complex methods: entering the system through a secure mode and switching to a built-in graphic chip.View of the black screen of Windows 10

1 method: Safe mode

Safe mode is an option to load an operating system in which a number of debugging tools are enabled. They can even restore the video driver. Accordingly, if you have a Windows black screen 7, then you should use this function. At the stage of turning on the computer, when the introductory picture is just available, start clicking F8 repeatedly. As a result, a menu should open in which several download options are offered. You can also call it if you restart the PC several times through the button Reset on the case. Among all the options, select “Safe mode” and press Enter.Enabling Windows Vista Safe ModeWindows must boot. Now from the search for the Start open Device Manager. Find a section in it “Video Adapters”.Category Video Adapters in Device ManagerWindows must boot. Now from the search for the Start open Device Manager. Find a section in it “Video Adapters”.There, click PCM on the item with the name of your video card and select the delete item. The driver for the graphical adapter must be re-installed. It should be downloaded exclusively from the official website of the device manufacturer. There you can get the latest version of the software, which is completely safe for the computer.

Method 2: Switch to built-in graphics chip

Modern computers usually have two video adapters: discrete and built-in. But the first is involved, since it is much more powerful. The problem with the black screen can be solved by switching to the second graphic device. Then it will be possible to remove the driver for the discrete video card. Switching is necessary to start with BIOS, and then with the cable for the monitor. To go to BIOS, when you turn on the PC, you need to press the F2 button, sometimes Delete is used instead. If both options did not help, then refer to the inscription Enter Setup in the title picture.Key for opening BIOSThere is a receipt for it indicating the desired key. A menu with a blue background will open, this is BIOS.BIOS view optionIts interface depends on the motherboard model that is installed on the computer. You can read the instructions on how to switch the video adapter on the manufacturer’s official website. Unfortunately, there is no universal way for this action. When the BIOS setting is over, apply the changes and turn off the computer completely (this item is not required for laptops). Switch the cable from the monitor from the discrete video card to the motherboard. And then turn on the PC. Now roll back the driver in accordance with the actions described above. But that’s not all. You need to return the BIOS settings to the original values, and then connect the wire back to the video card. Now the computer will not issue a black screen with a mouse pointer at

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