What is startup programs on Windows 7

When downloading and installing any programs or utilities, many of them are registered for the autorun of the Windows 7 operating system. Such a solution is very convenient in that you do not need to turn on this or that application manually every time. It itself is loaded into RAM and then works in the background. This is relevant for various mescers and torrents when used actively.Configuring program autoset for Windows 7The inter-sectors include: Viber Desktop, Agent Mail.Ru, Skype, Telegram Messenger, WhatsApp Desktop and many others. Applications that automatically turn on themselves allow the user to always be in touch. But there is also the flip side of the coin. If the RAM in the computer is not enough to simultaneously operate a large number of background programs, then there is a noticeable system braking and a decrease in productivity. Since the system has to simultaneously process large data streams of working utilities. Even with inattentive downloading of various content from the network, it is highly likely to bring potentially unwanted programs to the computer, such as: Amigo Browser, various demo versions of utilities for cleaning and optimizing the computer, browser managers and many others. Such potentially unwanted software is not defined by the antivirus program as a threat, but when installed in the background without the special permission of the user, they strongly load the system, eating off part of the PC resources. You can see them and turn off their startup at Windows 7 in several ways.

  1. Through the system configuration.
  2. Using third-party utilities.

How to disable autostart Windows 7

To disable some programs from the autocomple on Windows 7, you need to open the system configuration. This is done as follows:

  • Using the hotkey combination Win + r.

Autofloading Windows 7 mscogfig

  • Or through the menu “Start“, where in the search bar you need to write the word”Run»here we open the eponymous built-in utility”Run.

Service perform Windows 7

  • In the utility window we write the word msconfig (- in small Latin letters) and click “Ok.
  • Next, go to the tab “Auto Download.

Disabling Windows 7 Auto Download

  • Here we remove the flags from programs that we do not need for constant work, and click “Ok. And also here you can find various malware.

The function is to autocomplete Windows 7 programs, and its configuration is also available in some utilities for customizing and optimizing the system. One such tool is the CCleaner utility. In addition to its main functions of cleaning the cache, and troubleshooting the registry, here you can turn off the autocompany programs and much more.Disabling the program in autorun via CCleaner@top-advice.ru

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