What is the Windows 7 paging file

For the correct, stable operation of programs and games, developers Microsoft, in the Windows operating systems, the so-called swap file was implemented. This is an area on the hard drive, specially designed for transferring running programs to it, but not currently involved in the system. As everyone knows, programs and utilities, as well as games, are loaded into the computer’s operational memory when launched. And since the size of RAM is limited, when starting a large number of applications, there may simply be a lack of space on the RAM. Then the swap file comes to the rescue. But, not everything is so smooth, the speed of processing information on the hard drive is an order of magnitude lower than the speed of the RAM, and hence the conclusion, in some cases when using virtual memory, the system can move.

Windows Pump File 7

How to enlarge the Windows 7 swap file

The optimal size of the RAM on a computer with the installed Windows 7, for the stable operation of the running processes is 4GB. Automatically, the system has some more space for virtual memory, that is, the Windows 7 swap file. Which in total allows you to run quite resource-intensive applications and games, during which the system will not hang. But if more than 4GB is installed on the computer, the swap file is practically not used, but only the useful disk space eats off. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely abandon virtual memory, since many games and programs are written with the expectation of a swap file and when it is turned off, the system will work incorrectly or the games will not start. Or, if the RAM on the computer is small, then its own is simply not enough. The swap file can be adjusted. Next, we will analyze in detail how to do this.

How to configure Windows 7 swap file

  • Menu “Start»We press on the PCM computer (right mouse key), here we switch to the last item of the system properties.

Windows Computer Properties 7

  • Next, we go to additional system parameters, you can find them in the left column of the opened window.

Additional parameters of the Windows system 7

  • Switch to the tab “Additionally»here we click on the parameter button.

System Options Windows Pump File 7

  • Then we again switch to the tab “Additionally“and click on the button”Change.

Change Windows Pump File 7

  • We uncheck the top line, where the system itself determines the required memory size to manually configure it.
  • Next, put the label where you need to specify the size and write in both windows the size of the swap file that is needed.

Resizing Windows Pump File 7You can determine how much virtual memory, taking into account the available RAM, by the table below. Here are the recommended parameters for the normal operation of the system.

In both windows, you need to write the same size of virtual memory, in which case the system will be more static and there will be no failures.

Table of recommended sizes of virtual memory Windows 7@top-advice.ru

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