Windows Emulator for Windows 7

There are a huge number of a wide variety of emulators on the network that allow you to run one operating system in another environment. A striking example is the emulators of all the famous consoles Sega and Dendy, with which you can play your favorite games of the 90s. The emulator also includes virtual machines in which operating systems are launched for a wide variety of purposes. Most often, virtual machines are used to test new operating systems.Windows Emulator for Windows 7

Virtual car like a Windows emulator

To try Windows 10 and not reinstall the system, you can use the emulator for Windows 7 – VirtualBox virtual machine.

  • Download it on the official website.
  • We start the installation file with a double click.
  • The installation wizard can be in English, but the whole process is simple and intuitive just confirm the next action with a button Next.

Installing a virtual machine on Windows 7

  • Wait for the installation to complete and run the program.

Installation of the Windows virtual machine 7

Virtual hard drive

The program is now installed, you can proceed to the most interesting, to create a virtual hard drive and install an operating system on it. VirtualBox does not require any special settings, in most cases, the default settings are enough.

  • In the program window, click on the “buttonCreate.
  • A window opens where we will need to set the name of our future OS, and select the version and discharge of the operating system from the list.

Creating a virtual hard drive on Windows 7

  • We determine the size of the RAM that will be allocated for the operation of the OS. When choosing Windows, one or another discharge and version, the program automatically offers the minimum recommended parameters, you can leave them by default, or change them in a larger direction if the computer resources allow.

Virtual Hard Drive Settings on Windows 7

  • Repeatedly with the “buttonFurther.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the item – the location of the virtual machine. If you leave the recommended values. the hard drive will be located on the system drive.

So that the virtual machine does not occupy the useful disk space on the system disk and does not brake the system, it is better to indicate the path for storing the virtual hard drive on other sections. On disk D, for example. To do this, click on the directory icon and specify the path to save.

Windows Emulator for Windows 7 на виртуальной машинеEverything is almost ready to install a new operating system on a virtual disk. To do this, download the image of Windows. To install it on a virtual machine, there is no need to create a boot disk or flash drive. You just need to download the ISO image.

Installing Windows on a virtual machine

The principle of installing the operating system on a virtual machine is practically no different from the usual installation. Except that you do not need to restart the computer, prioritize the download to the BIOS from the boot media.

  • We click on the “buttonRun.

Run the Vinovs installation on a virtual machine

  • We select in the computer memory our, just loaded image, clicking on the directory button.

Launch of the installation of a virtual machine on Wing 7

  • And we press to open.

Further we are waiting for the standard installation of the operating system, as in the usual

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