Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7

Built by default into the Windows 7 Internet Explorer system, as part of the operating system, is updated automatically along with other updates. Default at Windows 7 originally installed 8 IE version. Final version Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 is a browser with a high page loading speed, and a higher degree of security. In the updated version, it is now not possible to disable the tabs, as was the case in earlier IE, but the tabs are still displayed by the group on the taskbar, which is not very convenient. Here, in the same way, in the settings you can adjust the level of security.Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7By the way, the browser itself is very simple, but not every user can handle the settings. Here, Microsoft developers could make everything a lot easier. In addition, when all leading browsers try to transfer everything to the cloud as much as possible in order to unload the system, replacing the built-in tools of Windows for working with the browser with their cloud solutions. This is not observed in the Internet Explorer. Even more, it’s not IE that adjusts to Windows, but vice versa.

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By default, the Bing search engine is installed in the IE, but it can be replaced by another, more familiar to Russian-speaking Runet, Google or Yandex. This is only done by adding a search engine as a third-party application from the official Microsoft website. An analogue of downloading extensions from the Google Chrome store. Download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 is available on the official Microsoft website. Then you need to start installing the file from the folder where IE was loaded. If the option “Run“, then the installation, more precisely, will be correct to call the” Update “IE for Windows 7 will begin

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