How to fix bad pool header error in Windows 7

The error bad pool header 0x00000019 in Windows 7 occurs along with the so-called blue screen of death. This happens most often when starting a program.


It is possible that the bad pool header crash one-time and henceforth it will not appear. In this case, it will be enough to restart the computer and forget about this problem. But alas, this option will not always help.The type of error bad pool header Windows 7And here it is worth using one of three methods: restoring the OS, removing the antivirus or reinstalling the program.

1 method: Reinstalling the program

In the event that this error occurs when a certain program is launched, it is quite possible that the problem lies in it. Most often, this is due to a software conflict on a computer. In this case, the reinstallation of the program will be a logical solution.

2 method: Removing antivirus

Bad pool header failure is often observed by Avast antivirus users. If this program is present on a computer with a “seven”, then it should be deleted or replaced with other protective software. Current information on the topic is set forth in the article “How to remove Avast completely from Windows 7”.And a simple option in this case will be the use of Avast Uninstall Utility. This is the name of a special utility designed to uninstall Avast antivirus. You can download it at theВам link immediately offer a reboot of the PC into a safe mode, agree. Then start again avastclear.exe. Specify the installed version of the antivirus and click “Delete”.Launch of Avast Cleaner

3 Method: System Recovery

Restoring the system allows you to return the computer to the state when it was functioning correctly. This method will get rid of the bad pool header failure. In detail, the rollback process is described in the article “Restoration of the Windows system 7”, we will consider everything briefly.

  1. Open the menu “Start”.
  2. Click on the search area.
  3. Enter there “restoration”.
  4. Run item “Restoration of the system”.Start system recovery from search Start
  5. Select a recovery point. It is worth looking at the date of creation. Then click “Next”.Select a date recovery point in Windows 7
  6. Confirm Rollback and wait for the process to complete.

The result will be that Windows 7 will return to its previous configuration when the bad pool header error has not yet occurred. This method is suitable for solving most software problems in the operating

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