How to update Windows 7

Updates make edits to the Windows 7, eliminate various errors and failures, and add new features. Microsoft still releases security patches and eliminates system malfunctions.

Update Center

Windovs update center 7 is responsible for downloading the latest seven patches. The icon for opening it can be found in the list of programs Start or in Control panels. There you can install the latest versions of the system components.Windows Update Center in Taskbar


At the Update Center, open the menu “Settings.Configuring Settings at Windows Update CenterInitially, the system works in auto-update mode. But this function can be turned off, in this case it will be necessary to use the manual function. To do this, activate the search for the latest versions.Search for updates at the Windows Update CenterInitially, the system works in auto-update mode. But this function can be turned off, in this case it will be necessary to use the manual function. To do this, activate the search for the latest versions.The dialog box displays a list of components for which any changes have been made. They are divided into three groups.Windows Update ComponentsThere are three update groups:

  1. Important. The group includes significant or critical system changes related to data security and the operation of various Windows components. Any innovation from the “Important” group should be installed immediately when it is released. This will allow you to save the computer and its data in better condition.
  2. Recommended. This includes correcting non-critical PC problems, but still very significant. Their installation will make the operation of the PC more comfortable, will eliminate existing problems or avoid their appearance in the future. Both auto-update and manual loading are available.
  3. Optional. This group includes those innovations that do not introduce significant edits into the functioning of the computer and do not fix serious problems. They are designed to make the system more user-friendly, but do not have the status of important or critical. They cannot be installed automatically, loading is available exclusively in manual mode.

Read about how to turn off auto-update systems in our article.Important nuance: anyone can update Windows 7 for free. To download any system components from the list, a fee is not required. But you should understand that the procedure consumes Internet traffic. This fact must be considered by users with a limited connection.

Selecting components to install

The user has access to the selection of components for installation. For example, if you have an antivirus installed from an outside developer, there is no need to download the latest version of the Windows defender.Deactivation of updating the Windows Defender component at the Windows Update CenterIn the same way, you can disable the installation of other components. But if you are not sure about their significance or do not know the function, it is better to leave everything as it is. In any case, updates from the first group are highly recommended, from the second – too, and from the third – as desired. Recommendation: if the computer is turned off automatic mode, it is advisable to independently update the system. This will allow you to support the latest version of Windows 7, which includes new features, as well as fixes to old problems.

Possible problems and their solution

When trying or during updating Windows 7, various problems may arise. Consider the most popular of them.

Problem 1: Auto-update not working

Initially, the system is configured in such a way that automatically loads all new versions and installs them when restarting the computer. But in some situations, this function is turned off or not working. In the first case, you must enable auto-update. This is done through a special service:

  1. In the Control Panel find the category “Administration”.Administration in the Control Panel
  2. In it, select an item “Servants”.
  3. In the window that opens, find Windows Update Center, set a parameter for it “Auto”.Service Update Center

In the second case, you must update the OS manually.

Problem 2: Unable to update system manually

When installing new versions of Windows 7, various failures may occur. First of all, it is worth checking the connection to the Web. Installation files are downloaded from Microsoft servers, and in the absence of an Internet connection, downloading them is not possible. When you try to update the operating system, you should disable any antivirus programs and computer security features. It is advisable to close all unnecessary programs. If you want to download a certain component of Windows, but this cannot be done, then you can independently download the installation package from the developer’s servers. Microsoft Download Center official page – the top of the page is the search area. Enter the name of the required component in it and click on the magnifying glass icon.Search for a component for updating on a site in Chrome

Problem 3: System failed

If as a result of the update the computer began to work worse or any problems arose, then Windows should be rolled back to its previous state. The corresponding function is in the control panel. Read more about this in our article “Restoration of the Windows 7 System”

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