How to disable Windows 7 update

Updates for the Windows 7 operating system play a very important role. Microsoft regularly releases new packages to ensure the security of user operating systems. They close the vulnerabilities of the system, thereby protecting the user’s personal information.Windows 7But, owners of not quite licensed operating systems may encounter problems loading and installing patches from Microsoft. In such assemblies, they most often cannot be correctly established. Either some critical error appears, or one of the updates creates a software conflict. It may also happen that the system will be completely or partially blocked by one of the security updates for verifying the authenticity of the OS. Similar security packages come to the computer at intervals of six months to a year. For example, this is KB971033 or this is KB915597. By installing this or another similar security package, the system will be partially blocked before activation via the Internet or by entering a license key in the system settings. In such cases, the question arises of how to disable the updates f3d716dddffed4a2ddd42d3a7f7cc66d8 in order to avoid all these problems. This is only a small fraction of the possible problems that may appear in the system when installing another batch of computer security features. Therefore, when using a pirate assembly on your computer, searching for new patches on the network, automatically downloading and installing it is better to completely disable.

Disabling security updates in Windows 7

On Windows 7 turn off updates – how is this done? Very simple.

  • Click on the menu button “Start.

Windows 7 Пуск

  • Next, click “Control Panel.

Панель управления Windows 7

  • Then “System and security.

Windows 7 Система и безопасность

  • Windows Update Center.

Центр обновления Windows 7

  • In the left column of the window, select “Settings.

Настройка параметров Windows 7In subparagraph “Important updates“, switch the settings to the last line, where it says -“Do not check availability of updates. Nearby in parentheses there will be a warning that this action is not recommended.Не проверять обновления Windows 7In licensed systems, such packages do not create any problems and conflicts, in most cases. But developers can also be mistaken and very rarely, but it still happens, some unfinished program appears. In such cases, the problem is usually very quickly eliminated by releasing a new, decisive previous update problem. Everything happens automatically without user involvement. The system itself finds, downloads and installs packages, unless, of course, the user automatically downloads and installs the initial one.Отключить обновления Windows 7

Is it worth it to disable updates f3d716ddffed4a2dd42d3a7f7cc66d8

You must remember that when you disable the search and install important system file libraries to protect you endanger your computer. Hacker attacks are more often carried out on unprotected systems. This can threaten at least the hangs or unstable operation of the OS, as the maximum loss of important data at the next virus attack. Also, the use of pirate assemblies with which updates are not friends, without taking into account the ethical side of the issue, threatens serious system problems.

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