How to reinstall Windows 7

Before reinstalling Windows 7 on a computer or laptop, you need to perform some preliminary manipulations.

  • First you need to take care of the safety of important data, documents, photos and other files that are needed: we copy everything to a flash drive or to any removable media. You can write to a CD – DVD. Or save information on the cloud. Now with the development of cloud technology, this can be done very simply. And usually the services that provide cloud storage are mostly free when using the minimum amount of memory on the server. You can also transfer everything to other hard drives installed on the computer. Unless, of course, they are formatted.
  • Next, you need to decide how the reinstallation will be made. From a CD or USB flash drive.
  • Download the distribution if necessary.

Important: It is highly recommended to use hacked and pirated versions of the OS. Apart from the moral side of the issue, such an operating system, at least, will work incorrectly as much as possible, failures in the system can lead to the fact that important data can be lost.

It is worth noting! – Now not all devices have a CD drive, in view of the fact that this method of transmitting information is morally outdated. And at the same time, not all old computers support the function of installing an OS with a flash drive. This is due primarily to the firmware of the motherboard – BIOS and its capabilities. In the article, we will not talk about how to create a boot disk or flash drive, this is another topic of conversation. Now we will directly move on to reinstalling.

 Re-installation Windows 7 with USB flash drive

Windows 7 start of installation

  • Turn on the computer reboot.

Launch of the Windows 7

  • We need to get into BIOS, for this we immediately begin to continuously press the key intended for this purpose. In different systems, this key may vary, it may be F1, F2 F10, Esc there may be a combination of two or more keys. Find out how to enter BIOS, in more detail, to adjust the download priority, you can read directly on the manufacturer’s official website a specific motherboard model.
  • Once on the menu BIOSand, we move there using the arrows on the keyboard. Switch the boot priority, save the changes and restart the computer again. If everything is done correctly, then the loading of the OS from your media will automatically begin.
  • When the installation begins, select the language and press “Further.

Windows 7 language selection

  • We click “Set.

Windows 7 installation

  • The next step is to select the discharge and version. In some collections of downloaded images, several versions, starting from the initial, ending with the maximum.

Windows 7 Maximum x-86

Tip: if there is less 3 GB on the computer of RAM, then you should choose a 32-bit version, since it is less demanding of resources. For those who have 3 GB and above, you can safely install a 64-bit Windows 7.

  • Then you need to accept the terms of the license agreement, check with a checkmark that you agree to the terms and click “Further.

Acceptance of the Windows license 7

  • Here we need a second section where full installation will be carried out.

Windows 7 Selective Full Installation

  • When reinstalling, it is advisable to format the local disk where the installation will be made. If you start the installation without formatting, the operating system will become on top of the old one, which may later affect the work, hangs and unstable work.

Create Windows 7 when installedHere we can see more than one disk. These are the sections reserved by the system, to distinguish which one you need to format in size.Creating a Windows section 7 It’s better not to touch the rest of the sections if you want to save information on other disks. If you touch one of the sections reserved by the system, then further installation will be impossible and you will have to delete all sections, create them again and format. Format the desired disk, click “Further. The installation process will begin: copying files, unpacking, installing and completing, total 5 steps.Start installing Windows 7On average, it lasts about 20 minutes. After which the computer itself restarts, you need to remove the flash drive or disk from which the installation was made at this moment so that the process does not go again. The computer must restart several times, while it cannot be turned off.Installation of Windows 7

Windows setup during reinstallation

Windows 7 completion of the oral

  • Re-installation of Windows 7 is coming to an end, now you need to make some settings. Here you need to enter the computer name and set the password to log in, if necessary.

Windows 7 setting parameters when installing

  • Next, the activation key input window opens, it must be entered in the corresponding field. Or uncheck the item “Activate Windows when connecting to the Internet»if there is no key. We uncheck and click “Skip.
  • In the next window, click “Set aside decision»To be able to configure the system on its own without using the recommended parameters.

Configuring parameters when installing Windows 7

  • Set the time zone, date and time.

Date and time of Windows 7

  • The current location of the computer, if it is a personal PC, then select “Home network“, further settings depend on this choice.

Windows 7 Home NetworkA little more patience, the conversion of Windows 7 is almost complete, the computer will configure the latest parameters, restart for the last time and you can work. Then you have to install drivers and the necessary software, but this is another

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