How to completely remove Windows 7 from your computer

If a person is looking for an option on how to remove Windows 7 from a computer, then most likely he needs to cleanse the computer of the old version of the operating system. Residual data will load the computer’s hard drive. And this is a great way to free him.

Removing the old operating system

The old operating system is removed in two stages: first you need to clear the computer of the residual files. They are concentrated in the folder Windows.old. You also need to erase the record of the previous OS from the boot file boot.ini.

Stage 1: Delete the Windows.old folder

Most of the files from the previous version of the “seven” will be stored in the catalog Windows.old. Washing it can free more than 10 GB of memory on the hard drive. But the folder should not be deleted directly. In this case, you should use a special function. Go to the computer title directory and open the system partition properties. Then click “Disk Cleaning.Cleaning in System Disk PropertiesAnd then “Clear temporary …”. Allocate all points at all and click “OK”.Then call the Command Line with administrative capabilities. Enter a request with the following contents there:rd / s / q c: windows.oldIf a message with text appears “Could not …”, then the catalog Windows.old no longer exists.Removing temporary files from the Command Line

Stage 2: Removing the system from boot.ini

But information about the previous version of the OS can still be stored in boot.ini. This name is the boot file of the system. It should also not be edited directly. Use the msconfig utility. It is convenient to run through the window “Follow out”. Go to tab “Download.Download tab in msconfigThere should be a single line indicating the current OS. If this is not so, then remove the excess elements. As a result, one entry should remain.Download file content in msconfigOn this, erasing Windows 7 from the current system can be considered complete. When you turn on the computer, no longer will appear on the menu in which you need to select one of the OS. Also, a place on the hard drive will be vacated. As a result, the PC will boot faster and also

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