How to change language in Windows 7

The Windows 7 operating system was intended for use in most countries of the world. Therefore, its interface was localized for many languages. The article provides instructions on how to change the translation in the “seven.

Change of language

Initially, the Windows 7 operating system has a certain set of languages between which you can switch at any time. Additional localizations are available for download from the Update Center. And some can only be downloaded from the Microsoft website. To begin with, consider the case of how to change the language of Windows 7 to one of the predefined ones. It will also be relevant for localizations that you download from the Microsoft website or the Update Center. Enter the Control Panel. Then switch to the standard view in the menu “View”. Scroll through the list to the end and open the very last item. Go to tab “Language and Keyboards”. There you will find the item “Select the interface language”.Change of predefined Windows language 7Select the desired translation and apply the change.Note: this paragraph may not be available. This indicates that only one language is present on the computer, and it is currently in use. When you download other localizations, line “Select the interface language” will appear.

Option 1: Change of language in the system

A number of languages can be downloaded from the system itself. It is done using the means “Reference Center Windows, which you will find in the Control Panel.Windows 7 Update Center from the Control PanelIn the menu that opens, enable the search for updates and wait for its results.Start of verification at the Update CenterThen click on the item “Non-mandatory updates …”.Optional updates for Windows 7Then click on the item “Non-mandatory updates …”.Mark the localization you want to install, and then click “OK”. Then confirm the update in the previous window. First, the packages will boot, and then the installation will begin. You may need to restart the PC.

Option 2: Installing a language package

Separate Windows 7 language packages are available on the page Consider the situation with the installation of the Georgian translation:

  1. Follow the link above.
  2. Scroll through the page to the desired language and start downloading it.Download Georgian language in browser
  3. Run the file with the extension mlc.
  4. The installation of the language package will begin.Windows 7 Installation Progress
  5. Now you can install the new translation that you just downloaded from the menu “Language and regional settings”.

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