How to properly uninstall a program in Windows 7

Proper removal of applications, an important task when active at the computer. Proper uninstallation is the removal of software through the Control Panel. It is not enough to remove the program icon from the desktop, you need to completely uninstall the utility or application. You can do this in several ways.Proper removal of programs in Windows 7The procedure for removing each utility is yours. From some applications you need to exit and completely complete their work (this applies to antiviruses), in others you need to clean the cache and cookies, and also exit the account (for browsers). For most software, conventional removal in a standard way is enough. After some, you need to completely clean the tails and residual files.

  • Through the Control Panel.
  • Over the root directory.
  • Using third-party software.

Option 1: Control Panel

In the operating system Windows 7 deleting programs from a computer:

  • Let’s go to the menu “Start “.
  • We click on “Control Panel.
  • Switch to the “view option”Category.

Windows removal control panel 7

  • We press “Program deletion.
  • We choose a walk and press the button “Delete.
  • We are waiting for the end of the operation.

Correctly delete the program in Windows 7

Tip: in this way you can delete any program, but after some applications there are tails and residual files in the registry. Relocation of this program may be difficult. 

Option 2: Removing the program from the root directory

You can deinstall any application from the folder where it was installed.

  • To do this, open the root directory of the installed utility, and find the file there Uninstall.
  • Run this file with a double click and wait for the operation to complete.

In Windows 7, when deleting programs, depending on the utility, some actions from the user may be required (leave feedback on the site, select the option to delete – completely or reset, and so on).Removing the program to Windows 7

Option 3: Third Party Software

There are a lot of programs on the network that help the user solve certain problems. For installing and removing software, for optimization and configuration, and many others. For uninstalling software on a computer, one of the good utilities is IObit uninstaller. With it, you can not only remove any stroll from the computer, but also clean the PC of the garbage left after these programs.Removing Programs Through Third-Party Software Windows 7

  • Install IObit Uninstaller.
  • We start, and on the list we are looking for a walk that we want to remove. We mark it with a label and press “Delete.
  • Then you need to start a powerful scan to clear the PC of residual and trash files.

Removing residual files from programs in Windows 7IObit Uninstaller creates recovery points in front of each operation so that if you can restore the

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