How to take a screenshot in Windows 7

Screenshot in Windows 7 will be required to demonstrate a problem, maintaining a fun moment or important information. There are other situations when this function is needed. It is advisable for any PC user to know how to use it.

Ways to create a screenshot

Users have two simple ways to do a screenshot on Windows 7 without the help of third-party programs. The first is to press a special key or combine it with others on the keyboard. And the second – the application of the program “Scissors”. Both options will be useful, while partially replacing each other.

Option 1: PrintScreen

The PrintScreen key (also called PrtScr, as well as Print Scrn) is present on standard Windows keyboards.

Print Screen Key

It is located just above the block with arrows. Its pressing will transfer everything that is displayed on the screen at the moment to the clipboard. From there, the image can be inserted into the graphical editor for making edits and resizing. There are two useful combinations with this key. The first is Alt + PrtScr. Pressing it will only capture an active window. For example, if a folder in the explorer is open, then only it will be saved in the clipboard. The second is Win + PrtScr. This key combination automatically saves the entire screen screen to a standard folder. It is located in the catalog “Images” from a quick call of the conductor.

Directory of Images from Quick Call Explorer

Option 2: Scissor element

“Scissors” – a special program with which you can capture one window, the entire screen and a certain part of it, including an arbitrary shape. It is embedded in Windows 7, does not require additional installation or configuration, partially replaces the capabilities of special hotkeys. It is called from the menu list “Start”. Open tab there “Standard”. There is a point in it “Scissors”, click on it.

Scissors on the Start menu

A miniature window with three buttons will open. In section “Parameters” you can set various settings, “Create” opens the selection area, and “Cancel” interrupts capture. Next to the first element there is a shooter. She opens a list of selection options.

Appearance of the Scissor element

When you designate an area, the editing window will open. There, on top of the image, you can draw, save pictures and copy to the clipboard. This program will be useful when you need to quickly fix the problem or capture a specific

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