How to uninstall Avast completely from Windows 7

One of the pretty good antivirus programs, including the free software market, is Avast. Which is quite popular among PC owners. But, sometimes there are difficulties with her, in particular, it is difficult to remove her from the computer without troubles. Completely, without tailings, removing any antivirus program is quite problematic. There are always some hidden files and registry entries, and when installing a new antivirus program, problems may arise due to these residual files. Antivirus Avast, one of these utilities, which is difficult to remove in the standard way. Next, we will tell you how to remove Avast completely from Windows 7.

Remove Avast standard

The first method is standard.

  • Let’s go to “Start.
  • Control Panel.
  • Program deletion – in the “View»you need to switch to”Category.
  • We find in the list of installed programs Avast, highlight it and press “Delete / Change.
  • Avast installation wizard opens, here you need to click the ” buttonDelete. We confirm the action.

Abast Antivirus Removal

  • During the removal process, while the services stop, and kernel drivers are removed, you can answer a few questions related to removal, but this is not necessary. After which the program will ask to restart the computer – click “Restart the computer.

Remove Avast 

  • After rebooting, you need to clean the registry – press the key combination on the keyboard Win + r.
  • The built-in utility “will startRun“in which we write the word regedit.

Vindovs Registry Editor 7

  • The registry editor opens, click here “Edit“and in the drop-down menu select”Find further.

Windows Registry Editor Remove Avast

  • We remove the check marks from the points “Parameter Names“and”Parameter Values.
  • In the field “Find»We write the word Avast and click”Find further.

Delete Avast through Registry Editor

  • Delete all folders named Avast.

Delete Avast

When deleting each folder in whose name it will appear, completely or part of the name of the antivirus Avast, a confirmation is required. Then the search will automatically go to the next registry folder. And so you need to delete all folders containing the name Avast.

Removing Avast folders from the registry

  • Next, close the registry editor and you need to clean the computer from temporary files and fix registry errors. The CCleaner utility is suitable for this purpose.
  • By launching it, you need to analyze and delete all temporary files and clean the cache, as well as in the “Registry»Start scanning and fix all errors and vulnerabilities found, then restart the computer.

Removing antivirus using the Avast removal utility

The second way to remove Avast antivirus from Windows 7 this is the removal of an antivirus program using a special retractor utility from Avast. You can download it on the official website.

  • Next, install the utility and run it.
  • A window will open in which there will be a message about the recommendation to launch the removal tool in the safe mode of Windows 7, but this is not necessary.

Delete Avast с помощью утилиты удаления Аваста

  • If you do not want to go into safe mode, cancel this action.
  • Next, you should select the directory where the Avast antivirus was installed, if this is not the default path, then the folder with the program will need to be selected manually

(attention, all the contents of the folder that you select will be deleted).

  • Here you need to select the version of the installed antivirus and click “Delete.

Remove the bus from computer

  • Next, restart the computer.
  • We go to the registry editor, and we carry out the manipulations described at the beginning of the article, delete all records containing the name Avast.
  • After removing the antivirus, you need to clean the computer from temporary files and garbage, and optimize it. The Sikliner utility is also suitable here, but you can use another program, of which there are a great many on the Internet.

After which you can start installing another antivirus, now no conflict will follow, and the program will be installed on the computer correctly and without

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