How to uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 7

A well-known browser for viewing Internet pages – Internet Explorer in the Windows operating system 7 is a built-in program, part of the OS. You can’t delete it or install it, since when Windows 7 she is already in the system. It can only be updated. In particular, and this is done automatically, you just need to agree to download automatic updates and Internet Explorer will install with other update packages. This browser is used by default by all system services. Naturally, in Windows 7 you can install any browser as the main one.How to remove Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Internet Explorer 11 at Windows 7

IE is an extremely slow browser, although Microsoft convinces users otherwise, claiming that new Internet Explorer has a high page loading speed and many other very useful and necessary functions. And over time, new sites are less and less optimized for IE, and accordingly, sites are increasingly found that either do not work in Explorer at all or are displayed incorrectly. Changes in browser settings can affect various applications. In particular, changes made to IE malware, even after computer treatment, can adversely affect the operation of applications such as Skype. As this is due, one Microsoft developer knows, but the fact remains. Often, just resetting the Internet Explorer settings saves a situation where Skype refuses to work normally.

How to remove Internet Explorer on Windows 7

As we wrote above, you cannot delete Internet Explorer, this is an integral part of the system, but you can delete the IE11 update if such an update was installed manually by the user. But in most cases, now, when installing Windows 7, the final version of Explorer 11 is already in the kit and it can only be turned off. How to do this?

  • Let’s go to “Start.
  • Here we switch to “Control Panel.
  • We click on the item “Program deletion.
  • And in the next window we are interested in the activation and deactivation button of the Windows components in the left column, more precisely, their inclusion and shutdown. We click here.

Enabling and disconnecting components in Windows 7

  • We are waiting for the list of components to be turned on and off, we remove the marker from Internet Explorer. We agree with the warning that disconnecting IE may adversely affect other components and services using this browser. And click “Ok.

Disabling Internet Explorer in Windows 7

  • Next, you need to restart the computer. Everything, no more on “Task panels“, nor in the menu”Start“, nor in the tab”All programs»he is no more.

Remember to download an alternative browser before turning off. Otherwise, using the Internet and browsing sites will be very

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