How to enable the on-screen keyboard in Windows 7

The need to work on a computer with a on-screen keyboard may arise for various reasons. Initially, this function was developed for users with disabilities. But most often it is used in unforeseen situations, when the stationary key stops functioning normally due to the shedding of various fluids on it, or it just clogged and some buttons do not work.Windows on-screen keyboard 7In such cases, there is an output in the Windows 7 operating system – this is a screen keyboard.

  • You can start it through the “buttonStart.
  • We press “Bse programs.
  • In the list that opens, select “Standard.
  • And the next folder to open is “Service.
  • We start the screen keyboard.
  • Or through a Windows search

Windows 7 screen keyboardThe Windows 7 screen keyboard interface opens, emulating the standard one. Just click on the buttons with the mouse cursor. For touch screens, you can click on the buttons of such a key with your fingers. For continuous work with the application, you can create a shortcut on the desktop or fix it on the taskbar. To do this, on the icon of the running utility, just click the right mouse key and select “Zattach on the taskbar. Now she will always be at hand.Window's on-screen keyboard settings 7

Hot Virtual Keyboard

Window's screen keyboard 7In addition to standard Windows 7 tools, there is a lot of third-party software on the network that helps solve the problem with input tools. Downloading and installing one of these programs will not be difficult. One such program is the Hot Virtual Keyboard. You can download it on the official website. If you compare it with the built-in system, then the third-party application, of course, wins. She allows you to customize it for yourself, run it with Windows. Run it when you enter the password entry system. Change size, view. Customize keyboard appearance with an active text cursor. Only unlike the standard one is this keyboard

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