How to enter the BIOS on a Windows 7 computer

To get into the BIOS on a computer running the Windows 7 operating system, you need to press the key when restarting Del or F2. Or it could be a different key (depending on the model of the motherboard).How to enter BIOS on Windows 7BIOS is a basic I / O system. Simply put – a set of firmware for working with the hardware of the computer and connected devices. The BIOS interface, of course, does not pretend to be a prize of audience sympathy. Everything is concise and relevant in him.BIOS Windows Interface 7Navigation is carried out by the arrows on the keyboard, and some functional keys F10, F11, EnterEsc. The language is predominantly English. Although in modern models of computers and laptops, you can already find the BIOS graphic menu more understandable and pleasant to the eye. In which you can already work with the mouse cursor. In addition, in Russian.Modern BIOS Windows 7

BIOS loading

How to go to BIOS at Windows 7?

  • Reboot the computer and during verification POST (this procedure scans the hardware of the PC for the detection of a malfunction of components).

Procedure POST Windows 7

  • Press the key to enter the BIOS.

This verification period is very short, and in order not to miss the right moment, pressing the key is necessary continuously from the moment the PC is turned on and until the menu is loaded.

Key for entering BIOS Windows 7

Why download BIOS

Most often, the need to download the BIOS arises when you make changes to the settings in the basic I / O system during the re-installation of Windows. When updating or restoring a system, or to download an operating system from a Live CD. To change the priority of loading the operating system from the installation medium, from the disk or flash drive. In BIOS, you can see the processor temperature, set the system time and date, and much more. Now you know how to go to BIOS on Windows 7, but you need to be extremely careful in this menu. It should not be thoughtlessly not to change the values of parameters that are unfamiliar. This can lead to unpleasant consequences, various errors, or, in general, refuse to load.

BIOS settings reset

But in unforeseen situations, you can return everything from the original position by dropping the BIOS settings to the factory ones. Typically, the settings reset button is located in the tab Exit, where you need to look for a line Load Setup Default or Load Fail-safe Defaults – reset the default settings. And also Load Optimized Defaults – reset of settings for optimized. On the mother chamber near the battery, you can find a jumper with the designation CMOS. She can have both three and two contacts. In options with three contacts, you should switch the jumper from the positions 1 and 2 to the positions 2 and 3. (a hint with the position for reset can be seen on the motherboard in the form of the inscription “2Clear CMOS. In boards where this jumper has only two contacts, you can extract any jumper from the board and close these contacts (do not forget it then return to its place). In this case, you need to pin the on button for 10 seconds (the computer does not turn on – it is disconnected from the network).BIOS Windovs Reset 7Or remove the battery for a few minutes. Remember to disconnect the computer from power before resetting the BIOS settings by closing the jumper contacts or before removing the battery.BIOS Battery reset settings in Windows

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