How to restore the language bar in Windows 7

The language panel in Windows operating systems is designed for ease of working with text. With it, you can quickly change the keyboard layout to one of the specified ones. You can see the current language in the notification area, which is also called the track.Windows 7 language panel locationBut sometimes this panel disappears. Moreover, this is not connected with any action of the user, it occurs on its own. In this case, the possibility of changing the layout may remain, or may also disappear.

Panel recovery

When the language panel disappears in Windows 7, working with a computer becomes less convenient. After all, you can’t quickly check the current key layout. In this case, it should be restored. And there are three options: restarting a PC, changing language settings or restoring the service. Restarting the system is the first measure to be resorted to when a computer malfunction occurs. If it did not lead to the desired result, go to one of the 2 methods described in the article.

1 Method: Language Settings

In the Search for the Start, enter “language and. Call an element with an identical name. In the menu that opens, go to the section “Language and Keyboards”. Click on the item “Change the keyboard …”.I 7 I 56d74401b2601f142e2b1cb8dc5e5a10amp; I 56d74401b2601f142e2b1cb8dc5e5a10lt;TAG156d74401b2601f142e2b1cb8dc5e5a10gt;Now go in “Language panel”.Configuring the language panel for Windows 7Make sure the value is selected for the panel “Split in …”. If this is not so, then install it, and then apply the change. It is also recommended to enable the option “Display text …”.When you restart a laptop or computer, the current keyboard layout icon will reappear. If this does not happen, use the second method of troubleshooting. He will definitely return the language panel to the track.

2 Method: Service Settings

The operation of this element is tied to the service “Debrewer of tasks”. If for any reason it was turned off or out of order, then the language panel may disappear into Windows 7. To eliminate the problem, her work needs to be restored. Service settings “Task Planner”.

  1. Open the menu “Start”.
  2. Type into search form “Administration”, and then run the item of the same name.Search for Administration item in Start menu
  3. Now open the label “Servants”.
  4. View list until you find an item “Debrewer of tasks”.Task Scheduler on Windows 7Double-click LKM on it.
  5. Set in the menu “Start Type” option “Automatically”. If the service does not work, then be sure to turn it on.

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