Microsoft net framework для Windows 7

The net framework module for Windows 7 is necessary for the launch and correct operation of many Windows programs and components. Actually, this is a set of ready-made software libraries and solutions that are needed to perform certain operations performed by applications. Once, programmers had to write all the functions of their programs “from scratch”, but this led to irrational spending of working time and other resources.

Net framework module for Windows 7

With the advent of the net framework, everything changed: now many of the most frequently sought-after software components were delivered ready-made, it was only necessary to indicate their location on the disk. Accordingly, if this module is not installed on the computer, then nothing will work.Microsoft net framework for Windows 7

In general, there is no framed for Windows 7 – this is a mandatory component for installation. The benefit is distributed completely free of charge and does not require any special skills on the part of the user to install.

Download and install no phrase for Windows 7

There are mainly two ways to install the framework:

  • Installation offline;
  • Network installation.

In this case, two completely different installers are used. Installers can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website and from all kinds of third-party resources. Also, the necessary files can be downloaded during the next Windows update. And in this case, the user will not need to perform any special actions at all: everything will happen in a fully automated mode. Today, the most frequently used type of installation is network. In order to start working with him, you will need to download it. The network installer is downloaded completely free of charge. All that needs to be done when working with it is to run the usual double-clicking of the left mouse key. Next, the program itself will connect to the Microsoft server, find and prove all the necessary files. The user will only have to wait a bit. Most likely, you will also need to restart the computer – so that all the necessary components fall into place.Download net frameworkAnd you can download local (autonomous) net framework installer. At the same time, it weighs much more, but everything will happen faster: after all, loading occurs directly from the hard drive, and not through the Internet. So, if you do not have the highest Internet connection speed, then this option can be recommended.Net framework License AgreementAfter the installer is downloaded, it will also need to be started by double-clicking the left mouse key. There will be a proposal to agree with the License, and then it will only remain to observe how the installation is taking place. At the end of the process, again, most likely, it will be proposed to restart the PC.Net framework completion of installationWhen choosing an autonomous installation option, you need to ensure that the latest version of net framework is downloaded. In this sense, it is much more profitable to use a network installer, since it immediately takes all the latest files from Microsoft servers. Downloading and installing net framework libraries may require not only the ordinary user, but also to the system programmer. Who, if not him, needs all these libraries … After all, as already noted, normal application operation can be guaranteed only by the latest versions of net framework. As you can see, nothing complicated in that, how to install net framework libraries, no. And even the most aspiring user can handle

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