Configure the Windows 7 taskbar

We try to make our life more comfortable. On the desktop we have extremely necessary things and objects. In the kitchen, kitchen utensils are located as efficiently as possible, occupying less useful space while in the quick access zone. The computer is no exception.Configuring the Windows taskbar 7Including a computer, we need to immediately have access to documents often visited by Internet resources, applications, games, programs. Accordingly, for comfortable work at the computer, it must be properly configured.

Functional Task Panel

Let’s start with the location of the panel itself, it can be located not only at the bottom, as everyone is used to. It can be placed both on the left and on the right of the desktop, and even on top.

  • We click on the empty place on the panel, the right mouse key, and open the menu item “Properties.

Windows Task Panel Properties 7

  • Window taskbar property window opens 7 and menu “Start.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, here we can change the location of the panel.

Location Windowdoms Task Panel 7

  • Customize the buttons on the Taskbar – group them or not (when many conductor tabs are open, or some applications, the group can save space by grouping them by topic).
  • Customize the notification area. Here we note which icons we need in the tray constantly, which are not needed at all, and which should appear only when some changes occur in the system.

Configuring Task Panel Notification AreaFor example, the automatic update icon, constantly, we do not need it. Only the place will occupy. But, if the system decides to go online to update, we need to know about it. We also do not need a support center constantly, we will leave it in the “Show only notifications. If desired, any icon can be completely hidden if it is not needed. Following the link in this window “Hide or disable system icons»You can also remove some unnecessary, according to the user, icons from the track.

  • Automatically hide the Taskbar – with this active setting, the Taskbar will automatically hide, giving the user more space on the desktop. When you hover over this area, it will appear.
  • If you use small icons, then here you can fix more applications and folders for quick access.

Settings for comfortable working at the computer

  • To fix any application, game, folder, utility, you need to open it, and on the program icon on the taskbar, execute the right click, select the item “Fasten on the taskbar.

On the left side of the Windows Taskbar 7, there is a small area that appeared in the Windows version 7. When you click on it with a mouse, automatically all open windows are folded, and also click on this area, turn back. In addition to the standard set of the language panel, we can add a few more of the available options, and create your own toolbar. It can be any folder with games or documents. From here we can start the task manager by executing the right click on the panel and select the corresponding item from the drop-down menu.Add Windows Toolbar 7You can still click on the toolbar settings menu by clicking on the small arrow in the track and click on the link “Customize.Configure Taskbar in Windows

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