Windows 7 won’t boot what to do

It is not always possible to immediately determine the cause of a particular problem in the computer. This also applies to situations where Windows 7 is not loaded. Even if such a problem arose, then do not despair. First, view the code or description of the error, and then try one of the proposed correction options.View of the Windows XP Blue Death Screen

Possible problems

In fact, there are a lot of errors that prevent the system from loading. All of them can be divided into two groups. The first includes those in which it is possible to start a safe mode or the option to restore the previous configuration. And the second group includes problems in which the PC does not go further than the boot screen. The options for their correction are also distinguished. In the first case, just log in under the backup or main user in a safe mode, remove the excess element from the bottom or perform recovery. In the second, clean reinstalling Windows 7, BIOS setup or rollback using Live CD. We will deal with the problems that are most common.

Option 1: Backup to system possible

To begin with, check if a backup login is possible when Windows 7 is not running. To do this, when you turn on the computer, you need to enter the menu for selecting the boot mode. It will open automatically if you restart the PC several times. Management is done by arrows on the keyboard. Choose “Download last …”, then press Enter. If the action helped, then in the future the failure will not happen, the computer will continue to work steadily. Otherwise – activate the option “Safe mode”, then start the rollback procedure according to the first method from our article: “Restoration of the Windows system 7”.In short, open the menu “Start”, click on the search bar, enter “restoration” and run the second element from above.Search for System Recovery in StartThen follow the instructions on the screen. At the end, restart the PC.Note: in the menu for choosing a download option, the mouse should not work. But there may be problems with the functioning of the keyboard. The fact is that the driver for USB devices are loaded in the subsequent stages of launch. In this case, the solution will be to connect the keyboard with PS / 2 connector. You can also use a special adapter, they are very cheap.

Option 2: Disk boot failure error

Why doesn’t Windows 7 start with Disk boot failure error? The essence of this failure is that the computer does not see the boot files on the specified media. This may be due to a violation of boot priority (the procedure for loading devices), as well as damage to important data. In any case, first you need to go to BIOS. To do this, when starting a computer, press the Delete or F2 key multiple times. If this does not help, then view the text on the title image when you turn on the PC. There you need a point Enter SETUP. Next to it is a specific key, press it. BIOS versions may vary depending on the model of the motherboard, as well as firmware. First find the item BOOT. It is located either on the main screen or in the section Advanced Settings. B Boot Priority in the first place should be HDD or SSD.Checking the BIOS OS loading deviceIf this is not so, then change the loading order to the desired one. The location of the remaining elements of the role does not play. What to do when everything is set correctly, and the error still arises. Unfortunately, in this situation, the problem is associated with damage to system data. First, try restoring Windows 7. It doesn’t help – go to the last paragraph of the article.

Option 3: BOOTMGR error is missing

Such an error occurs in case of damage to system files, in particular, the OS bootloader. It does not allow the user to log in to his account, constantly restarting the PC or hanging on a black background. This means that it is impossible to apply standard rollback tools. Read a detailed solution to the problem in our article “Restoration of the Windows bootloader 7”.

Option 4: Other issues

If none of the listed options is suitable for solving your problem, then the recovery system is not amenable. In this case, a complete reinstallation is required. But, most often, important data is stored on users’ computers that I would not want to lose. Therefore, it is advisable to reserve them. Computer craftsmen always provide such services, but there is not always time or opportunity to visit them. All actions can be performed independently, but you will need a second computer or laptop that is in working condition. The essence of the method is to download through the Live CD. In this case, the PC is not launched from the hard drive on which the system is damaged, but from the removable media with the emergency image of Windows 7.You can’t download from the official Microsoft Live CD website, so look for it on third-party resources. The recording procedure is no different from others. The most preferable use is UltraISO.Disk Recording in UltraISOWhen you log in under the “living image”, transfer all the data to any removable media, then reinstall Windows

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