No sound on Windows 7 computer

The computer has long ceased to be a working machine that performs strictly defined functions. For which the availability of audio accompaniment is optional. Now it is an integral attribute of almost any user for both work and leisure. Agree, it’s extremely unpleasant when suddenly sound disappears in the operating system. There can be several reasons for the lack of sound. In the article we will analyze the main reasons and try to correct the situation.No sound on Windows 7

  1. The reason may be malicious activity, in short, infection with the computer with viruses, which, in turn, damaged the sound driver.
  2. Lack of sound driver at the installation / reinstallation stage of Windows 7.
  3. Hardware malfunction of the PC speaker system, malfunction of the sound card in the computer or laptop, or malfunction of the built-in laptop speakers.

No sound on Windows 7

Missing sound due to viral infection

The reason that sound sometimes disappears may be harmful activity. If at some point the sound itself disappears, and the system begins to terribly slow down, this is a viral infection. The virus, falling into the OS, tries to do the most harm, often it is the drivers of the system that hit it. In this case, you need to scan for malicious code, cure the PC and download the new driver.The old one must be removed, it is already damaged, and accordingly, will not perform its functions correctly. When the malware attack occurred, it is not a fact that only sound drivers were damaged, you can use the program to install and update drivers. Such a program itself will automatically determine which drivers are needed, select them and install them. One such program is DriverPack Solution.Window's Sound Driver Update 7

Driver update if the sound on the Windows computer is missing 7

If after reinstalling Windows 7 it is found that there is no sound in the system, and the icon on the toolbar is crossed with a red cross, this means that the newly installed OS does not contain the necessary driver. Often this happens when installing all kinds of stick assemblies, or rather, unlicensed operating systems. The problem in this case is solved very simply. We go to the site of the manufacturer of the motherboard and download the necessary driver from there. In most cases, the universal Realtek HD Audio Drivers driver is enough. Download it from the official website, install and enjoy the sound of our favorite tracks.installation of the sound driver Windows 7You can try updating the driver through the device manager, but most often this will not bring results, as the system will try to find the driver in the Windows library, and if you have a pirate assembly installed, there is practically no chance that it will contain the necessary suitable driver in its base.Update drivers on Windows 7

Sound Crate Hardware

It may also be that the sound at Windows 7 does not work due to a hardware malfunction. In a word, columns broke or an audio adapter is faulty. Determine the reason – whether this malfunction is hardware-mounted by connecting the phone to the columns. Now almost all phones have a standard audio output of 3.5 mm. If the speakers work properly from the phone, but there is still no sound in the computer, then we update the drivers. If this does not help then a direct road to the service center. There may be a breakdown of the sound card itself. In the system block, you can try switching the speakers to the front audio output. The exits on the back panel of the computer could clog over time and stop working because of

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