Windows 7 optimization

No matter how it may seem at first glance that the computer is a smart machine, in fact, there is nothing more stupid in the world. Namely, without proper configuration and optimization, the operating system will very quickly hang and slow down. Therefore, it is periodically necessary to carry out some manipulations on the configuration of the OS for its shstra and correct operation. Here we will not write about antivirus programs and complex events with a console or command line. And just describe some optimization programs with which you can solve this problem. But, in fact, this is the acceleration of Windows 7. It is enough for any ordinary user to have one program on the computer for optimization and to know several tricks in order to maintain the PC in a working condition for quite some time.

  1. Cleaning Temp folder.
  2. Cleaning the cache using the CCleaner utility.
  3. Disk Cleaning.

This is the minimum set of actions that can be carried out periodically on the computer and then the machine will work properly and without failures.Windows 7 optimization

How to delete temporary files

Not everyone knows that when installing and deleting programs and components, part of the files is stored in such a Temp folder. It is located on the system disk, in the Windows folder. We go there, in the Windows system folder itself we are looking for the Temp folder, open it and remove everything from there – we are not greedy. You can’t touch the folder itself, but all its contents need to be cleaned sometimes. Very large amounts of data can be accumulated there, ever installed and deleted programs and applications that are subsequently not used in any way, but only occupy a useful disk space. If something in this folder does not want to be deleted is not scary, it means that this file is busy with the process, leave it, and delete the rest.Removing Windows Temporary Files 7 in the Temp folder

Built-in Disk Cleaning Function

Windows 7 has a function such as cleaning a disk. Cleaning such temporary and garbage files is very simple.

  • We click on the label “My computer.
  • We select our local disk (it must be active) and perform the right click with the mouse. In the drop-down menu, select “Properties.

How to clear the disk of temporary files in Windows 7Here we see a graphic display of occupied and free disk space and the “button next to itDisk Cleaning»- click on it. After scanning by the system for the detection of garbage files that can be deleted, we note the necessary points and click “Ok. Here you can also clean the system files. We pass to this section, in the same way the system will analyze where it is necessary to mark the points for cleaning with flags.Windowders Optimization 7 Disk Cleaning 

By the way, you don’t need to compress the disk to save space, the savings are small, you can save a maximum of 100 MB, but in productivity this will affect significantly. We remove the label and go to the “Drive Cleaning” section, and then “Clear system files.

Window Disk Cleaning 7 

How to speed up Windows 7 with CCleaner

  • Download the CCleaner utility on the official website.
  • Next, we install it, the installation process itself is simple and intuitive. The utility is free, of course, and paid versions of CCleaner Pro, but the Free version also copes with the task on 5 +.
  • We start it and scan the system.
  • In the column “Cleaning»clicking on the button”Analysis“, we are waiting for the scan to end, after which we clean the computer from temporary and unnecessary files. There is no need to change any settings, by default, the program already sets the optimal values for cleaning the necessary sections of the computer.

Cleaning cache and temporary files in CCleaner Windows 7

  • Next, go to the tab “Registry»here we conduct a scan to detect registry record problems, as well as correct them. We click on the “buttonSearch for problems“then,”Correct marked“, save a backup of the changes and fix the vulnerabilities.

Save backup of changes to CCleaner

  • In the tab “Service»You can delete installed programs, enable or disable the autorun of certain programs and components, disable the planned tasks of browsers, and delete or disable browser additions, Here you can analyze the disks to detect duplicate files on the computer. And also perform system recovery.

Editing the Windows Registry 7 CCleanerHere is a short list of ways in which Windows 7 optimization for any inexperienced user will become easy and affordable. Thus, you can maintain your Windows in working condition for quite some

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