Error 0x0000007b when booting Windows 7

The appearance of a blue screen of death, as it is popularly called, or BSOD errors, for most users it is a signal to reinstall Windows 7. Although often, reinstallation can be avoided. A similar problem can be caused by a number of reasons.Error 0x0000007b at Windows 7

  • Hardware malfunctions of the iron.
  • Viral infection.
  • Wrong BIOS settings.
  • Hard disk malfunction or file system damage.
  • Connected peripheral devices.

There are many types of errors. To deal with a problem and fix a situation with a blue screen of death, you need to know the error code. One of these unpleasant problems is the error 0x0000007b in Windows 7 when loading.

Blue screen of death

If such an error occurs, first of all, we will try to download a computer with the latest successful configuration.

  • To do this, restart the computer and start actively clicking the key F8, to open a list of download options.
  • Here we need to shoot the keyboard with the arrows to select the desired item and click Enter.

If nothing happened, then there is a mistake that still appears we read on.

  • We try to download the computer to “Safe mode»To check the system for viral infection.

For a greater guarantee, we choose the option of a safe mode with downloading network drivers. This will allow you to connect to the network and download the cloud utility for checking with updated antivirus databases. From antivirus solutions that have proven themselves well, for a one-time check, in critical situations, you can distinguish Dr.Web CureIt!Safe mode Windows error 7 0x0000007b

Disk Check

In most cases, the culprit of such an error is damage to the hard drive or file system. You can run the utility to check and fix the disk, but for this you will need a system image written to any physical media, on a CD or flash drive. The OS must be the same version and discharge.

  • We create a boot media on any other computer, connect the media to the PC on which this error appears and boot from it.
  • Further, as with the usual installation of Windows 7, select the language.
  • Then click on the “buttonRecovery.

Windows system recovery 7 with an error of 0x0000007b

  • We select the system (if it is not installed alone), and click on the “buttonCommand line.

Windows Command Line 7

  • This console will open where we need to enter the command.

Windows Command Line Console 7

chkdsk c: / r 

  • Confirm Key Action Enter.

Utility will start CHKDSK, which scanned the system and the hard drive for errors and, if found, will try to fix them by replacing damaged files with copies from the Windows image with which we downloaded. At the end of the scan, we leave the console by the team.


Blue death screen with error 0x00000007biron may appear during iron upgrade when an old operating system remains with a new motherboard. In this case, you need to boot in the BIOS menu and change the value of the parameter SATA mode from value AHCI on value IDE.

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