Windows 7 Control Panel

Windows Control Panel 7 – This is part of the interface of the operating system. With it, we can make certain settings in various parameters of the system. There are several ways to access it.Windows Control Panel 7

  • The most common way is to enter the menu “Start“, and click on the icon of the control panel.
  • You can use the “commandRun. Call her keys Win + r and in the dialog box we write a team

 controlHow to open the Windows control panel 7

Control Panel Features

The Win 7 control panel allows you to run most of the tools to configure Windows. The Control Panel is displayed as a home page by category or in classic form with icons.

Menu Items Control Panel

Categories Windowdoms Control Panel 7

  • Autostart designed to perform default actions when connecting removable media: USB flash drives, various cameras and cameras, CDs and DVDs.
  • Section “Administration»Is a set of tools for administratively tuning a computer, designed primarily for system administrators and experienced users.
  • Archiving and restoration – it is clear from the name that this setting is designed to create the image of the operating system for its subsequent recovery. For backing up files.
  • Brandmauer Windovs – designed to protect the computer from hacker attacks, from unauthorized access to it via the Internet, or on the local network.
  • Setting “Recovery»It is intended to return the computer to an earlier state from the control point while saving personal files.
  • Setting “Date and time“all allow you to adjust the date, time and region of the system, as well as choosing a way to synchronize it.
  • Device Manager designed to work with computer devices. With computer hardware, installing and updating drivers for them.
  • Accounting Manager controls the system’s accounting data, adds and deletes it.
  • Defender Windovs is a built-in antivirus program for protection against spyware.
  • Sound – allows you to work with sound settings.
  • Notification Area Icons – these are the icons that we see in the tray, here we can add some badges, or configure existing ones.
  • Next section “Keyboard“- is responsible for setting the keyboard operating parameters
  • Settings Myashi – visibility, wheel scroll speed, cursor change, etc.
  • Panelb tasks and menu “Start “ – settings for convenience.
  • Parameters indexing – accelerated search.
  • Changes to the parameters of the folders, their type, as well as the search settings in them are in the section Parameters folders.
  • Personalization – change of topic, change of wallpaper, change of screen resolution.
  • Connection to remote desktops – Configuring connection to remote computers.
  • Windowdoms Reference System 7 – Getting to work – here we can get acquainted with the new features of Windows.
  • Programs and components – This setting enables or disables Windows components. And also modifies or deletes third-party applications.

Small Window Control Panel 7

  • Default programs – this setting allows you to select the programs that will work by default in the system (browser, players for playing multimedia and so on).
  • Speech recognition – tuning for voice control of the computer. (in Russia is not available for the Russian language).
  • Parental control – designed for the computer administrator to set control parameters for other users.
  • Observer Properties – to configure the connection of the browser to the network.
  • System – to view basic information about the system, as well as change the parameters of equipment.
  • Counters and means of productivity – a PC performance monitoring system and recommendations for increasing it.
  • Phone and modem – for setting up and working with these types of devices.
  • Color management – setting color rendering for faxes, scanners, printers and monitors.
  • Troubleshooting – a utility for automatically troubleshooting various Windows problems.
  • Nastroikaand and management printers.
  • User accounts – Creation and adjustment of user accounts.
  • Update Center Windovs – designed to download and install security updates, non-security updates, savings packages, system drivers and updates to them.
  • Center support – viewing the latest messages about the problems encountered and recommendations for their elimination.
  • Sync center – control synchronization between devices, viewing, launching and tuning.
  • Special Features Center – to facilitate visual work with a computer, as well as customization of tools for users with disabilities.
  • Network and General Access Control Center – setting network parameters and general access to files and printers, checking the status of the connection.
  • Disk encryption Bitlocker – to protect all files stored on the computer disk.
  • Fonts – installation and deletion of fonts.
  • Screen – setting screen text sizes, scale, color calibration, change screen resolution.
  • Power supply – tuning power supply, sleeping mode, disconnecting the display.
  • Language and regional standards – setting regional parameters, installing and setting up language packages. Changing the language of the keyboard user, the way you switch the layout, to change the interface language.

This is a summary of all items in the Control Panel. Basic knowledge of the points and sections of the operating system will go to any novice user only for the good. Learn your operating system, it can do much more than we

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