Checking system files in Windows 7

If during the operation of the computer there are some failures, for example, a blue screen of death appears, or other critical errors that prevent you from working at the computer. First of all, you should check the computer’s hard drive for errors.Checking system files in Windows 7 Then check the system files in Windows 7 for detection, and for repairing damage and system malfunctions. Windows 7 has a number of programs and utilities, tools for checking and correcting the integrity of the system.

How to check system files

  • Run the utility to check the files from command line. On Windows 7 click on the menu “Start.
  • We open the list “All programs.
  • We are looking for the folder “Standard.
  • In which we are interested in the utility “Command line.

Windows Command Line 7

It is important to run the command line console specifically with administrator rights. Therefore, if you are not sure under which account you entered the computer, you need to click on the command button with the right mouse key and select the corresponding item in the context menu drop-down list.

  • Next, the standard command line console window opens where we need to write a command.

sfc / scannow

You can start the command line console through Task manager. Click on the menu File note launch point on behalf of the administrator and create a new task with the team.

cmdCommand Line Call Team Windows 7After entering this command, you need to confirm the action with the key Enter. Scanning will begin immediately. If damaged system partitions are detected, the utility will replace them with the original copy. During the scan, you may need the image of the Windows 7 operating system, which you need to download and write to the physical media and paste into the computer before the scan begins, so that the utility can replace the modified and damaged system files with these original copies from the Windows image.Windows 7 system file verification

Scan system files

At the end of the scan, the utility will give a message that checking Windows resources did not find errors or showed statistics on the program. A list of errors and injuries, as well as actions that the utility performed with these files. This utility is needed in Windows 7 for checking system files, and it allows the administrator to check all versions of secure system files. If you find the changes and damage, the utility automatically replaces the original copy, which is taken from the Windows backup folder, or from the image of the system recorded on the physical

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